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Impact and Significance

No description

Anisha Parikh

on 11 November 2016

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Transcript of Impact and Significance

By: Abhayraj, Anisha and Viviega
Target Market
Why Is It Unique?
About Google Home
Google Home
Google home is designed for everyone in order to:
assist with daily activities.
make audience's’ lives easier.
be able to rely on Google Home to complete tasks.

Slowly become dependent on Google Home.
More forgetful
Is It A Negative Impact?
Reminders, alarms
Completion of tasks
Checks your flight
Puts on a TV show of your choice
Plays music
Highlights about sports games
Voice Activated Robot
Initial launch date is November 4, 2016
Price of Google home is $129
Capable of planning events, setting reminders, researching information and much more.
Charging/connecting port
Customizable Speaker cover
Button for commands
143 mm
96 mm
Weight: 480g
Interesting Facts
1) Saying "OK Google" or "Hey Google" will activate the device
2) Sold at Google Store, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart
3) The LED lights on top will be the same color as Google’s logo.
4) The top panel is a touch surface that can be used to pause music, adjust volume, trigger the Google Assistant, etc.
5) Colors available are mango, marine, violet (fabric-covered), carbon, snow, and copper
6) Google audio compatible partners are youtube, spotify, pandora, google play music and tunein.
7) Google will connect with google chromecast, nest, philips hue, ifttt and other smart devices to get a smart house.
8) To complete tasks, google home is connected to google calendar and google keep.
There are controversies surrounding the fact that Google Home is similar Amazon Echo.
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