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Korean pop music

social media class of Howard Rheingold, at Stanford, US, 13 10 2009

karen Bae

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Korean pop music



Korean Pop Music Pop music Songs Korean pop music trend Hook song Hot issue
Again and Again
Tell me
Wanna Oh The quality of music declines Let's see video clip Plese enjoy it Side effect Does hook song decline or
develope the music industry? We should concern the dominance of hook song in pop music. ?
Hook songs decreased the quality of music. Many composers were concentrated on stimulus lyrics and rhythm than the quality of music or completion of melody when they wrote their music. Destruct the music variety immediate feedback about how badly you suck while you are on stage
[10/13/09 3:45:07 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": Howard
[10/13/09 3:45:18 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": 's own experiments in multi-tasking Howard
[10/13/09 3:45:18 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": 's own experiments in multi-tasking
[10/13/09 3:45:50 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": Can he multi-task himself?
[10/13/09 3:46:14 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": can he communicate in more than one mode at the same time??
[10/13/09 3:46:51 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": we all see the truth
[10/13/09 3:48:38 PM] Oliver Starr "stitch": check Howard's annotations on your prior reading in the class schedule 1980s : Cho Yong-Pil

As freedom of expression was extremely limited, songs were considered as substitution.
His main genre is rook, but he has tried to write and sing songs with strong popularity. For example, his 18 albums contain dance, ballad, blues, and so on, and a song called "My Friend" is included in music textbook. The Reason of the Rise of Hooks and Idols 1970s : Yang Hee-eun

Pop songs were used as tools of social movement and represented the public voice
Morning dew
The sun(hope) rises above the cemetery(Grim reality)
We learn how to smile up the hill(where to find hope)
I am going now, to the wilderness(free place)
a community whose community section is anti-social and anonymous and yet they consider themselves a "community" Korean
Pop Music 1990s : Seo Tae-ji

He corresponded to the "New Generation" - propensity to consume, antipathy to the older generations, a strong desire for change and diversity of culture - by doing fast and melodious rap with strong beat and dance.
He was called "Culture Presicent" and his syndrome was an entrance to the commercialization of K-pop. 2034 AD
"All these people I don't really know...
knowing all this stuff about me.."
will we call this the "Age of privacy"? image unchecked... 1990s : H.O.T.

Their songs were what triggered the commercialization of K-pop.
Also, their songs were made in order to become popular among teenagers. Entertainment Management Agency's Power

Singer's Power and Status Selling Sexuality Music Video
- shift in Korean music companies’ profit-making strategies: grooming pop music idol groups or singers to become artists who sell their sexuality
=> able to earn more profit when these groups or singers show some skin as they sing and dance to provocative songs in MVs and performances
-> appeals especially to the opposite sex

- rising trend of female pop music idol groups such as Wonder Girls, , T-ara, Brown-Eyed Girls and so on.
wearing really short skirts, shorts or dresses that expose their long, slim legs
sexually enticing facial expressions, gestures and poses There are also sexual connotations in the music and in the lyrics of some of these songs of female K-Pop artistes
=> Some music tends to have a dark, seductive tone with a sexy beat
=> There are also some music that has a cute, bubbly tone to it but there’s an underlying provocative message in the lyrics which is well covered-up by the cute and bubbly portrayal of the song
T-ara – Like the first time

You know you're the only man, only a guy like you can know
How to make make me happy happy happy (ho!)
How to make make me feel feel feel for you (ho!)

You make me happy
You make me feel
Like the first time, like the first time
You make me crazy
You keep making me want you
Like the first time, like the first time
Commercialization of male sexuality Rain
- It’s raining
- I’m coming
- Rainism
- Love song
- Dance moves that associate sexual intercourse

- The ‘Beast’ idol
- Sex appeal through muscular body
- Even the pretty type Nickhun has a muscular body Selling Male Sexuality

- It’s raining
- I’m coming
- Rainism
- Love song
- Dance moves that associate sexual intercourse

- The ‘Beast’ idol
- Sex appeal through muscular body
- Even the pretty type Nickhun has a muscular body
Before : Boy bands/singers were "Pretty boy" type with slender body. Metrosexual. ‘Pretty’ boys were popular
Trend : Majority of boy bands/singers are very masculine. Commercialization of sexuality Regardless of the gender, both male and female sexualities are becoming more and more commercialized Appealing to older woman. ‘Nuna’s

- Lee, Seungki’s ‘Because you are mine, Nuna’
- Shinee’s ‘Nuna you are too beautiful’

- Economical rise in the woman’s status
-> becomes the major target market for pop music industry
- Cultural atmosphere now accepts female’s expression towards sexual desires
- Reflected in today’s pop music trend

Girl's generation – Genie

tell me your wish.
tell me the little dreams in your heart
draw the ideal woman in your head
and look at me
i'm your genie, your dream, your genie
Concerns About Today’s Pop Music The quality of music is more and more less important The performance becomes the one of the most significant elements in pop music Conclusion Performance of Rain Hook song has specific structure that certain lyrics and melody repeat again and again Tell me Gee Addictive Hook Song Musicality -> Popularity "Lots of Idol songs include easy melody and lyrics. Before 2000, the introduction of song was what would make or break the business. For songwriters, four steps in composiition in unnessary, so it is very difficult to find a theme or a meaning in lyrics." Commercialization of female sexuality Homogeneous Music
- Hooks, idol music
The increasing emphasis on performance, not music
Commercialization of sexuality
- Sex as a commodity
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