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Atlanto-Occipital Joint

No description

Guneet Benipal

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Atlanto-Occipital Joint

two articular capsules
posterior atlanto occipital membrane
anterior atlanto occipital membrane
Interesting Facts
What is the Atlanto- Occipital Joint?
Atlanto-Occipital Joint
By: Guneet Benipal, Maimoona Ahmed & Michelle Vinod
a joint between atlas and occipital bone
pivot joint
consists of a pair of condyloid joints

Movements of the Atlanto Occipital Joint
Treatment & Recovery Time

Traumatic dislocation of the atlanto-occipital joint
Herniated Discs

nodding action of the head occurs at this joint
bond must be strong or the head would fall off of neck
this joint has a part to play in causing headaches due to tension and restriction
Age: degeneration
Sports which cause these injuries
Radiating pain
Traumatic Dislocation
Herniated Discs
Treatments for Herniated Discs
Nonsurgical treatments
Treatments for AOD
Recovery Time for herniated discs
depends on the size of the herniation
Recovery Time for AOD
This injury is predominantly incompatible with life
However, there are rare cases of survival
Thank you for listening!
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