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MIK Woodworking DECA Project

No description

John Mikulec

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of MIK Woodworking DECA Project

www.mikwoodworking.com Rationale and Marketing Research Cornhole Boards Introduction Company Founded in July 2011
Started as a Hobby
Company grew after Tournament Exposure
Turned into bigger business Self-Analysis High School Senior
Taken Marketing and Construction Courses
Love of building and designs
Building Experience Analysis of the Business Opportunity, Customer, and Location Change in Place
Increased Name Recognition
Expansion Planning
Retail Location Organization Started as a Sole Proprietorship
Conversion to Incorporation
Currently have low staffing
Expansion of staffing Product or Service Primary Product is Custom Cornhole Boards
Custom Corporate Cornhole Boards is our focus
Household Products
Furniture Pricing Policies Cornhole Boards Range from $90 to $225
All Products are Priced to around 60% Gross Profit
Competitive Pricing in the national market Personal Promotion Business was started on Personal Promotion
Direct Marketing to Companies
Promotion through leadership in organizations
Website Presence, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest
Referrals from Current Customers Non-personal Promotion Social Media Advertising
Classified Ads
Vendor Shows
Sponsorship of Cornhole Tournaments
Expansion into Radio and Newspaper Place Currently sold through our online store
Expansion into a retail location
Production facility and retail store Income/ Cash Flow 3 Year Financial Plan Capital and Repayment Plan John Mikulec Fast Growing Game
Easy to Understand
Can be used for Consumers and Businesses
Large market with little competition Website Summary Expanding Market for my Primary Product
Looking to Expand my Sales and Production
Increasing Corporate Sales
Funding the Expansion
Increasing Brand Recognition
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