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Shepard Fairey

Posterization and Collage Project

Kevin Longley

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey Artwork Posterizing Breaking down realistic values into shapes.
Dark values (shadows) Find an Image In editing sofware
Stylize - "cutouts" WOW! OMG! AMAZING! Celebrities You, Me, and Fairey... Choose a reference image GRID w/ Line Drawing A:
Contains the lines/shapes that make up the highlight areas of the reference image GRID w/ Line Drawing B:
Contains the lines/shapes that make up the shadow (dark) areas of the reference image. Using the "grid drawing process" you will:
draw both Line Drawing A (RED) and Line Drawing B (BLUE) on the same paper.
enlarge using a 2" grid.
draw accurately. We will finish the project by adding color via "COLLAGE". Collage material will consist of cut/torn construction paper. Color needs to consist of a "color scheme".
Three colors that go together (color wheel).
A light color for HIGLIGHTS
A medium color for MID-VALUES
A black for BLACK VALUES Born in Charleston, S.C.
grew up liking skateboarding
punk rock
Is now living in Los Angeles and is a famous artist. Most of Fairey's artwork contains a message revolving around politics, rebellion, advertising, war, and peace. Fairey's work can be seen in art galleries, but is also visible as graffiti in some major cities. and the artwork that brought him world-wide fame.....
I bet you've seen it a thousand times.... With the success of the Obama poster, Fairey has been asked to use his artistic style to render many advertisements and works of art honoring movies, music, sports, and celebrities. After posterizing a reference image, Fairey cuts large stencils to separate the values of the face. He then paints the various values Graphic Images of the past
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