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Com 357 Persuasive speech

Restaurant Nutrition

Shauna Cadaret

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Com 357 Persuasive speech

By: Shauna Cadaret Calorie Count on Menus Did you know? 58 million people are overweight
40 million people are obese
3 million people are morbidly obese
2nd preventable cause of death Main Points How many calories should I eat? Age, Gender, Activity Level

Only 12% know how many calories they should eat

Over half don't track what they eat or burn Don't always believe what you hear. Healthier options are usually 100 calories more.

Not as precise in portion or cooking procedure. Let's go out! The average adult goes out around three times per week.

More: calories, fat, saturated fat and cholesterol

Less: fiber, calcium, and iron

Most underestimate the calories in their food. 1. People are misinformed about how much they need to eat and what they are eating.

2. Why adding calorie counts to menus is important.

3. Some things that are already being done. It Matters! Restaurants are using better ingredients.

The longer the information's out the more it will impact customers.

People who looked at the information purchased 106 fewer calories! Know what's in your food! 20 or more locations

Menus, menu boards, drive-throughs

Must be written clearly

Provide mostly the same information as packaging labels I'll have that with less
calories please. Introduced or reformulate products

Reduced trans-fat

Increased whole grains

Utilized lower calorie ingredients
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