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The Taliban

No description

Bhairavei Mano

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of The Taliban

Taliban Introduction - Religious dictatorship
- Formed by students
- Unreasonable beliefs and policies
- Women's rights
- Afghans suffer
- Harsh punishments
- Murders
- 9/11 Beliefs and Policies Punishments Amputations Stoning Hanging Shooting Women's Rights •Banished women from the work force
•Closed schools to girls and women and expelled women from universities
•Prohibited women from leaving their homes unless accompanied by a close male relative
•Ordered the publicly visible windows of women's houses painted black and forced women to wear the burqa (or chadari) - which completely covered the body, leaving only a small opening for sight
•Prohibited women and girls from being examined by male physicians while at the same time prohibited female doctors and nurses from working

•An elderly woman was brutally beaten with a metal cable until her leg was broken because her ankle was accidentally showing from underneath her burqa.
•Women and girls died of curable ailments because male doctors were not allowed to treat them.
•Women accused of prostitution were publicly hung. Examples First Impression Heroes ----> Villains
•Wear burqa at all times
•Speak in hushed tone (to not be heard by men that aren’t relatives)

Gain education
•Leave home without permission of father/husband/brother
•Walk outside UNLESS accompanied by a male family member
•Wear western clothes OR Men's Clothes*
•Wear Make-up OR Perfume
•Laugh in public
•Have photograph taken
•Paint their nails*
•Wear shoes with clicking heels
•Talk to males (unless relatives) including in own home
•Gather at outside event
•Wash clothes in rivers
•Ride in taxis or ride bikes
•Appear on balconies or be seen in windows, even in full burqa
•Deny husband sexual gratification at any time
•Indulge in sexual practices if unmarried
•Attempt Suicide* Women must not: Women Must: Effects On People
•Men and women had to change appearances

•Non-Muslims must wear yellow badge to differentiate themselves

•Anything of western culture is banned

•Many rules on behavior

•Women were not allowed to do much

•People lived in fear What is the Taliban? The Taliban are an Islamic movement following a strict interpretation of Sharia that took over Afghanistan following the Soviet withdrawal. 1900's • 1994: Mullah Mohammed Omar sets up Taliban movement of Islamic students who take up arms,and advance on Kabul.

• 1996: Taliban introduce hard-line version of Islam

• 1997: Taliban recognized as legitimate rulers.They now control about two-thirds of country.

• 1999 - UN imposes an air embargo and financial sanctions to force Afghanistan to hand over Osama bin Laden for trial. 2001 • September 11, 2001: Attacks on the World Trade Centre's twin towers and the Pentagon in the US.

•September 20, 2001: George Bush, calls on the Taliban to stop all terrorist activity or face consequences.

•September 21, 2001: Bin Laden would not given up without evidence linking him to the 9/11 attacks.

•September 22, 2001: Fighting begins between the Northern Alliance and the Taliban.

•September 2001 - Ahmad Shah Masood, leader of the Northern Alliance - is assassinated.

•September 24, 2001: The Taliban calls for a jihad against the US if its forces enter Afghanistan. •May 2001: Religious minorities are ordered to wear tags identifying them as non-Muslims.

•July 2001: Taliban bans the use of the internet and other articles of entertainment declaring they were against Islamic law.
•October 6, 2001: Bush warns the Taliban that "time was running out."

•October 7, 2001: US and British forces begin intense bombing.

•November 13, 2001: Taliban abandons Kabul. Northern Alliance take control. September 2001 End of September 2003 Kabul is a safe place 2004 The constitution grants
equality for men and women 2005 The Taliban regroups in larger numbers and attack US troops.

Deadliest year for US troops since the war began in 2001. 2006 September:Largest attack 57-year history.
The Taliban fights back with renewed strength.
Suicide bombings and roadside attacks become more frequent and more deadly •December 2009: Afghanistan and Pakistan form joint strategy to combat Taliban.

•February 2009: Barack Obama,plans to send another 17,000 US troops to Afghanistan.Afghanistan is turning a new page in relations with United States.

•July 2009: About 4,000 US marines and 650 Afghan army forces launch major offensive on Taliban.

•The Taliban vows to resist and fight the foreign forces. 2009 - NO Laughing, clapping or shouting at public events
- NO non-religious books.
- NO photographs or videos.
- NO Displaying pictures of living things (even in textbooks)
- NO kite flying or pets
- NO music.
- NO questioning police
- NO t.v broadcasting
- NO Suits and ties.
- NO American culture - Law of Islam = followed strictly
- only the right to interpret the Quran
- World’s muslims do not accept the Taliban

-ALL Men must grow beards
-ALL children must have Muslim names.
-ALL non-Muslims (Hindus and Jews) wear yellow clothes or carry a yellow cloth.

-Radios allowed only with prayers THE TALIBAN AFTER 9/11 •On November 29, 2007, a videotape was released that The Central Intelligence Agency says is likely to be from Osama bin Laden. In it the speaker claims sole responsibility for the attacks and specifically denies any prior knowledge of them by The Taliban or the Afghan people. 2007 The Taliban now has a permanent
presence in 80 percent of Afghanistan,
eight years after 9/11 Shariah Law Code of Living
Deals with all aspects of daily life, such as:

•FAMILY(e.g.marriage, divorce, custody, inheritance)

•FINANCE (e.g.investing, forbidding the paying or charging of interest)

•SOCIAL ISSUES (e.g.dress, hygiene)


•CRIMES(e.g.theft, murder, rape) By: Bhairavei, Mahnoor, and Kirsten

•A woman who defied Taliban orders by running a home school for girls was killed in front of her family and friends.
•A woman caught trying to flee Afghanistan with a man not related to her was stoned to death for adultery. "Four years ago, I promised to end the war in Iraq. We did. I promised to refocus on the terrorists who actually attacked us on 9/11. We have. We've blunted the Taliban's momentum in Afghanistan, and in 2014, our longest war will be over. A new tower rises above the New York skyline, al Qaeda is on the path to defeat, and Osama bin Laden is dead."
- Barack Obama Thank You. Trivia
Time!!! What colour did non-Muslims have to wear according to the Taliban? a) Red b) Green c) Yellow d) Blue Question
Time!!! What did women have to wear to cover themselves? Trivia
Time!!! The Taliban was formed by a group of ___________. a) elders b) Iraq men c) students d) women Question
Time!!! When was the World Trade Center (twin towers) attacked? Question
Time!!! Why was stoning depicted in The Kite Runner? Punishments
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