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Aidan's Civilization Project

No description

Aidan Hawrylecki

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of Aidan's Civilization Project

Ancient Rome
By: Aidan

The Coloseum is the finest outdoor theater in Ancient Rome. It's in the center of Rome and was created in the year 69 A.D when the emperor Vespain was emperor. Vespain's son actually thought of the idea of creating the coloseum. Horific, gory battles where fought in the center of the arena. They would either have a gladiator battle a wild, beastly animal or have a bunch of gladiators on different teams and fill the arena with water so they can do a ship battle. There were 80 entrances to the coloseum and 2 of those entrances were reserved for the emperor and his wife. The coloseum was made of concrete or cement by the slaves of the high class. The structures where all very unique in there own way which opened up peoples imaginations to create other buitiful structures such as pantheon.
Pantheon is an ancient temple near the center of rome, close by the coloseum. It was created while Harian was the roman emporer in the year 126 A.D. The temple was originally created for the gods and later was made into a Christian church in the year 609 A.D until 1885 and now is a burial for italian heroes such as king victor emanuel and the famous artist Rapheal. The building is still standing to this day.
Gladiators are slaves used for entertainment such as battles beetween savage carnivals or other gladiators in a sail boat i n the arena of the coloseum. Gladiators were usually really feirce and tough so they would be strong enough to take on a vicious animal. Ancient Rome created the olympics and it started out with chariot racing which gladiators performed in, they where aloud to knock or kill eachother to make the other fall off the chariot and lose. Gladiators wear leather armour and a steel helmet with red feathers on it and now costs $500.00 to bye one. The older ones are more expensive.
Mars was a god of farmland and fertility untill Rome came into contact with Greece, then Mars was the god of war. Before battle with Greece, some of them sacrificed themselves to him. Mars was the Father of Romulus and Remus who was the founder of ancient rome. The Romans created statues of Mars in armour pieces and praised it.
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