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PH indicator

presentation about our science fair project involving cabbage as an acid base indicator

Brianna Gallegos

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of PH indicator

Red cabbage ph indicator! materials red cabbage
boiling water
household items abbigail garza
brianna gallegos
dayna contreras red cabbage Red cabbage is used as a ph indicator.We decided to do this experament because we wanted to find the acidety or alkalinity of househeld items.Our hypothesis is that if we add a househeld item to the red cabbage juice then the color of the juice will change letting us know what the item is either acid or base. steps!!! 1.rip cabbage leaves
2.boil ripped cabbage leaves
3.blend boiled cabbage leaves
4.separate the peices of leaves from juice
5.put juice in clear cups
6.add household liquids to the juice
7.watch for color change
8.determine weather the substance added to the juice is a acid or a base conclusion:o We saw change in color and concluded that red cabbage really is a ph indicator.When we added lemon to the cabbage juice the color turned a red pink and when we added baking soada the juice turned a blue green.
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