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Economics Thesis Proposel

No description

Brittany Cressman

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Economics Thesis Proposel

United States
vs. Canadian Economy Introduction Problem Statment Background Question Narrow The Topic Take a Position The United States had become Canada's largest market, and after the war the Canadian economy became dependent on smooth trade flows with the United States so much that in 1971 when the United States enacted the "Nixon Shock" economic policies (including a 10% tariff on all imports) it put the Canadian government into a panic. In 2008 75% of Canadian exports went to the United States.
With such a massive trading relationship, trade disputes between the two countries are frequent and inevitable
Does the United States economy and government affect Canada`s government and economy in a negative way? This topic is interesting because it affects each and every Canadian directly and it has a very large impact on our economy.
Up to this point we have detailed information about both the Canadian and the United States economy, as well as their relations.
We know of many different deals and trade setups between the United States and
Canada and how usually Canada gets the least amount of benefits or profit from the deal. Most of our information so far comes from Wikipedia.
What positive effects does the United States have on the Canadian economy?
What negative effects does the United States have on the Canadian economy?
Is the free trade agreement beneficial to Canada?
And if so does it benefit the States more? To find out whether the United States is impacting the Canadian economy in a negative way.
We believe that relying on the United States so heavily, and leaving ourselves vulnerable to their government’s taxes and trade tariffs is very harmful for the Canadian economy.
Canada needs to expand to other trading partners and become an international player.
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