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Why have elders?

We will look specifically at what the Bible has to say about Elders. How does an elder relate to a pastor, overseer, and deacon? What is their basic purpose in the church?

Jeremy Raper

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of Why have elders?

Pastor "poimen"
Overseer "episkopos"
Elder "presbyteros"
Same position, different functions
Pastor, overseer, and elder are often used interchangeably in Scripture.
1 Peter 5:1,2; Acts 20:17, 28; Titus 1:5-7
Overseer and elder have the same basic qualifications.
1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9
Overseer and elder were a plurality in each church.
Acts 14:23; Philippians 1:1
Eldership is in the Bible!
Titus 1:5
1 Peter 5:1
James 5:14
1 Timothy 4:14
1 Timothy 5:17
And the list goes on...
Holy Spirit
God's Word (Jesus)
God's people
Circumstances (recent events)
Why have Elders?
This translation speaks to his ministry.
Greek word is "poimen", translated "shepherd"
Only found in Scriptures in one place:
Ephesians 4:11 he personally gave some to be..."poimen"...
The word "poimen" is translated as "shepherd" everywhere else
Hebrews 13:20 ...the great "poimen" of the sheep...
1 Peter 2:25 ...to the "poimen"...of your souls
1 Peter 5:2 Be "poimen" of God's flock...
This translation speaks to his management.
Makes specific references to his leadership, administrative, and visionary skills
Some examples: delegate authority, equip saints to minister, involve members in goal-setting, etc.
Does not mean he does it all...he recruits and trains membership to minister
1 Timothy 3:11 if anyone aspires to be "episkopos"
1 Peter 5:2 serving as "episkopos"...
This translation speaks to his maturity.
Spiritually mature
close strong relationship with God
has a spiritual perspective on life
Emotionally mature
Able to be angry but not sin
not crippled by worry, despair, depression
handles criticism and praise equally well
Mentally mature
thoughts are driven by truth and grace
always learning and growing intellectually
Studying eldership educates Christians
about church leadership.
Provides organization to church
Demonstrates our submission to Christ
Shapes the church
Doctrine of the church
Recall: doctrine are concepts that shape our understanding of the nature and ministry of the church
Studying eldership helps the shepherding of the church stay founded on the Bible.
When you think of shepherding, what does that mean to you?
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