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Bauhaus: Josef Albers and Marianne Brandt

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K Frederiks

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Bauhaus: Josef Albers and Marianne Brandt

bauhaus Motto: Technology might not need art, but art needs technology

ANd: develop affordable products for the populace while maintaining a high degree of functionality. Interest in housing issues of the modern twentieth century. Josef Albers: Science and Art are the same: they have the same soul Marianne Brandt: use advanced technology to produce
simple and aesthetic designs, with the focus mainly on
metal designs. Influences of Karl Marx Gropius: In order to design functions properly, its nature should be first investigated, because it should serve its purpose perfectly, meaning that it fulfils its functions practically, is long-lasting, inexpensive and attractive Josef Albers: My contribution to the bauhaus is the shift from focusing on the appearance to the capacity of the material. Look to the inside rather than the outside. Marianne Brandt: contributed by designing long-lasting and attractive designs which fulfil its function. She worked one year in Gropius's workshop. Teaching Josef Albers: The best teachers studied themselves, not the past. This can only be achieved through repitition. My teaching pilospophy is to open eyes. Marianne Brandt: was the head of the metal
workshop in the Bauhaus and the only
women in that area.
She is seen as the leader of modern
industrial design. Functionality Josef Albers: Work from the capacity of the material Marianne Brandt: Colours: The study of colours is a study of ourselves; use true colours

Squares: preferences, because of man-made and movement can be detected products available for everyone
Marx: everything is part of one big soul Form and Sense
Arts and Crafts Scientific Mangement:
Marianne Brandt made lamps in the metal workshop. The money was put in the university.
karl Marx: money alienates one of oneself.
Brandt used the money to bring herself closer to herself/her society.
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