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An Officers' uniform!

About 3 types of Police!

Lorena C.M.F

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of An Officers' uniform!

A Staff Sergeant's every-day uniform I have learned so much in all the meetings that I have attended. I've learned a lot about about lock downs, a police's daily life and much more! Thank You!!! Hope you enjoyed! A Day in the Life of a police officer! By: Lorena Florea Here is a sergeant badge. Police sergeant staff sergeant If you lie on the stand, it's called "perjury". You can go to jail, lose your job and credibility.
Police carry notebooks and write details about the situations that happen.
Body language tells a lot. e.g. If someone is standing with clenched fists, sideways and are kind of tense, they might be ready to attack.
Guns are used only when someone's life is in danger.
A baton is made out of metal and can really hurt.
If a criminal with a knife comes at the police, the police will kill him. Introduction A Sergeant's every-day uniform A police officers' every-day uniform Hi!
My name is Lorena Florea and in this presentation, I will be talking about a police officer's uniform and a little bit about a police officer from what I've learned so far. Here's how they would look like on an every-day basis. Only officers have a red stripe on their pants. Here is a sergeant uniform A sergeant badge has 3 arrows pointing down at their badge number These are 2 examples of a staff sergeant badges. They have 3 arrows facing down on their badge number, but they have a crown on top of those arrows. ***** ***** listens to listens to Who listens to who? Some facts I learned Thank You For Listening A picture of a group of policemen See their uniforms? The red stripe The epaulets Police can also be called a police constable. Every officer has a badge number on their epaulets. C
L See his epaulet: A crown and 3 arrows. Staff Sergeant
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