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What is digital literacy ?

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Aurelia Fung Roviras

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of What is digital literacy ?

Digital literacy
What is digital literacy ?
Digital literacy is becoming skilled in accessing , evaluating and creating info
from online and electronic sources .
Cyberbullying is when someone bullies you online . I t can be done by either sending mean texts, comments,phone calls or posting mean things about a certain person. They usually do this more than once if they are cyberbullying you. To stop this you should tell someone and never delete any proof that can prove that you are being cyberbullied and most of all ignore what they say about you.
Internet safety
Privacy and security
When you have a social media account , it's best to make your account private and you should not let complete strangers follow you, because you are telling them all about your life.
Survey results
I found out that most people spent more than an hour on electronics every day and that nearly everyone had a social media account.
Rules for internet safety:
*Never give out your name, address,phone number or school name.
*Never send a picture of yourself to a stranger.
* Never open e-mails,files or web pages from people that you don't know
*tell an adult if anyone online asks to meet you .
*Never tell a stranger where you are going and what time you will be free.
*Do not share details about your life with
others online.

In conclusion Digital literacy is very important and most people should know how to protect themselves online.
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