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Obesity and Discrimination in the Workplace

why and how people get fat; why and how they are discriminated against; what does the law and HR have to say?

Robin Holt-Mclaren

on 1 May 2012

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Transcript of Obesity and Discrimination in the Workplace

68% are Fat Obesity in America BMI > 30 = Obese Seeing Food Makes People Hungry Mindless Eating Mismatched Paradigm 310 Calories The Deception of Modern Foods "Eatertainment" Obese as 'Other' Naive Realism 1. Believe what they see is Objective
2. If others are unbiased = viewpoint shared
3. Different View = Dissonance All My Bad Choices = Fair Treatment NAAFA only has max. 5000 members since 1969 Obesity and Discrimination in the Workplace Hardly associated with Job Success Weight is a stronger indicator of discrimination than Gender, Age, or Race 50% above weight = 25% Denied Health Benefits +1 on BMI = -$1,000 in net worth Where the Law tips the Scale It is only illegal to discriminate weight in:
Michigan; Washington, D.C.; Santa Cruz, CA; and San Francisco, CA Not a Protected Class ADA: Doesn't Include the Obese 93% of HR would rather NOT hire the overweight This affects the obese during:
recruitment,placement, compensation, promotion,
discipline, and discharge Prejudice is Irrational and has NO place in Employment As Humans we evolved in the desert and arrived in CandyLand!
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