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Newspaper Editing

No description

Carrie Davis

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Newspaper Editing

newspaper EDiting Carrie Davis Mr. Tharin
Senior Project 2010-2011 Why is editing essential
to publication? d Obstacles The Editing Process Time management
Frustration: Editing is tedious.
Though my criticisms were taken
into consideration, I did not
have a final say on the end result. Thank you for your time. Any questions? My Mentor Acquired Knowledge Why this topic? Accomplishments Autobiography As Head of the Ram's Horn and AP Literature and Language teacher, Mr. Tharin has the most experience with newspaper editing. I am an Advanced Placement student, and reading is a passion of mine. I am on the Varsity Softball team and recently completed my last season on the girl's Weightlifting team. I intend to study law and business and pursue a career in corporate law. In order for the reader to gain something meaningful from a work, the content must be carefully articulated and free of error. Mr. Jonathan Tharin Product: Fully-edited
edition of the second issue of the school
newspaper Steps Taken 1. 2. 3. 4. Edited my first newspaper Received copies/prints of the latest issue. Read copies thoroughly. Examined headings, checking for capitalization
errors and font inconsistencies. Fixed grammatical errors. Editing skills I can utilize at the
collegiate level Patience Transformed the newspaper into something the student body will find interesting and worth reading. The first issue of the newspaper was a source of ridicule, and students merely concerned themselves with indicating its many errors. I chose this topic in an effort to stimulate more interest for the Ram's Horn and highlight the significance of the editing process. Exposure to various writing techniques
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