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3 Styles 2012

An Art History Unit for high school This prezi is an introduction to Surrealism, Pop Art, and Graffiti Art that asks students to create their own prezi of one of the 3 styles.

Matt Simms

on 18 January 2012

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Transcript of 3 Styles 2012

3 Styles of Art, an Art History unit
Open prezi.com
create an account (1 per group is ok)
watch the little video
create a Prezi
show your prezi to the class on Jan 25 (A), Jan 26 (B)
Your Research
select an art style
born from "Dadism" in the 1920's

sought to shock, surprise, even frighten

stream of conciousness

Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Renee Magritte
research online or books (art room or library)
find others interested in the same style (3 per group)
create an outline answering questions from your assignment sheet (turn in after your prezi)
this prezi created 1/10 by:
Matt Simms
Art Teacher
Loyola Sacred Heart High School
Wasily Kandinsky
Painting with Three Spots
Oil on canvas
120х111 cm
sample image "slide:"
Abstract Expressionism
emphasized color and form
subject matter umimportant or even non-existent
tries to leave the viewer with a feeling or emotion
the process of making the art is as important as the result
Winter Count
Ledger Art
Native American histories recorded in pictures
one picture for each year
done by exclusive Winter Count Artists
originally on buffalo hides
transitioned to Ledger Art as Buffalo were exterminated
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