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Ancient Egypt

Sabrina Bianco

Jaci Howard

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt

Pharaoh-Ramses XI
Ramses XI ruled for twenty nine years. He was married to Tentamun and had two daughters.

He was last king of the 20th dynasty and soon died, his tomb is in The Valley of Kings. He ruled from 1107 B.C to 1078 B.C. He is known for his extensive building progams and big statues around Egypt.
The main weapon they used was a bow and arrow. The soldiers' main form of defense was a shield. If you were skilled with a bow and arrow you became an archer. Sometime Egyptian soldiers attacked their neighbors. Another weapon was called a khepesh whichwas a sword. An armourer carved the wood for the bow and arrows. Soldiers were given tokens that they could trade for food. Soldiers worked for the pharoah. In the past, they thought there was no reason for an organized army. After the Hyksos came and took over Egyptian territory, they created an army. Each army had three major branches, Infantry, Chariotry and Navy.
Viziers are the highest official to wath the pharoah. the vizier was often part of the pharoahs family. Sometimes the viziers would sample the water supply. Scribes often reported to the vizier. Viziers supervized the security of the pharoah.Viziers were often a scribe before they became a vizier. Lastly , viziers made sure people did their job well.
There are many diffrent types of architecture in Ancient Egypt. One type is the pharoah's temple. The pharoah's temple started to be built when he became pharoah. The shorter the pharoah's life, the smaller the temple.

Another type is Ancient Egyptian houses. The average house was made from mud brick. The first story was used for business, the other stories were living space. Some houses had underground cellars, tile floors and room decor.

A third type is pyramids. The pyramids were often made of limestone and granite. The first pyramid was made from mud bricks and was a step pyramid.
Egyptian Government
Egypt created the first known government around 3100 B.C.
Pharaoh is the leader and is not elected by people in Ancient Egypt .
Government and religion in Egypt were connected.
Most people believed the Pharaoh was a god on Earth.
The Pharaoh often relied on advisors to help run the country. Priests often took care of important religous reasons. viziers and overseers assisted the pharaoh in running the country.
Ancient Egypt
-Cleopatra was part of the Ptolmaic Dynasty
- Cleopatra never learned to speak Egyptian language
- originally ruled with her father
- killed herself with an asp bite
- tested poisons on innocent people
- Ruled from 69 B.C to 30 B.C
- She was driven out Egypt by her brother but she created a army and took back the thrown
- There are multiple theories on how she died
- Her mummys arm was positioned only how a pharoahs arm should be positioned but someone snapped off her arm and replaced it with an arm in a common position
- King Tutankamens mom
- Married to Akhenaten
- Ruled in 14th century B.C
- Nefertiti was known for her religious revolution in wich she worshiped one god only, Aten.
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