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repetition for emphasis

No description

vanny santos alava

on 26 November 2015

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Transcript of repetition for emphasis

In addition to being a memory aid, repetition can be used effectively to highlight principal ideas and help your audience to understand them clearly
Immediately after stating an important point or after fully developing a
main idea.

Types of Repetition
Repetition can be an effective tool for emphasis within a text.

Three main textual elements :
- Phrases
- Ideas

Repetition: Words
A writer may wish to repeat an important word within a sentence or paragraph to draw the reader’s attention to its importance.

offers individuals many rewarding experiences. A
may change the lives of others while changing his or her own life. Many opportunities exist to
in local communities. Considering

What do you need to do?
State more than once the points that you especially want your audience to remember.

repetition for emphasis
Why is it important ?
Repetition: Phrases
A writer may wish to repeat a specific phrase to center the reader’s attention on its importance.

Every year, millions of Americans do not vote. That’s millions of voices that the political system doesn’t hear.

Repetition: Sentences

A writer may wish to repeat a sentence to emphasize the idea it contains to the reader.


Global warming will destroy the planet
. If people do not take action to prevent it, many creatures’ habitats will vanish. Plant species will become extinct. Millions of people living in coastal areas will be displaced.
Action needs to occur or global warming will destroy the planet.

Danger of Overuse

- If the writer repeats too many different words, phrases or ideas, then the reader will not assign importance to any of them.
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