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James Wray's Resume

No description

James Wray

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of James Wray's Resume

What Motivates Me to Not Quit

Courtesy MGM Studios
Never Quit Even When the Goals are Achieved
There is always more out there to learn
Please, take a seat, the coffee is nice and hot.
Now that you've had some coffee, Let me tell you about me.
My wife JoAnna is a great inspiration to me.
To be great at the work that I do, She helps me be the best and strive to be better. Having a strong family unit can add to a person's character, making them a stronger asset. JoAnna helps me do just that.

Keeping a foot in the world of imagination allows us to be creative and think outside the box for great solutions
Technology is a great tool once you learn to use it. We can use it to educate, promote, or inspire; I definitely prefer the latter.
How we motivate others says a lot about our character. Here is a great example of that sentiment. They are words that I try and live by every day.
"Get Back Up!"
In conclusion,
Thank you for taking the time in getting to know a little bit about me.

As you can see I am strong in heart, passion, drive, and imagination.

I look forward to knowing a part about you
Please Use the Left Navigation Arrow to Move Forward
Play Me
References Provided Upon Request
Performance rating from needs improvement to exceeds expectation in all metrics
Took on the challenge of bringing fitness to the workplace to promote health and positivity among coworkers
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