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Østfoldkonferansen 2018

No description

Jan Meijsen

on 16 May 2018

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Transcript of Østfoldkonferansen 2018

est. 1-1-2013

Dilemmas merger
autumn 2011
Molenwaard Closeby

Business model
Future ambitions
- Municipalities as a network
- New democracy; participative democracy
- To stimulate a national municipality cloud
- Control of your own personal data; digital
self control for citizens (QiY-framework)
- IoT; Internet of Things; BIG-Data
- Digital ID

Merger off the municipalities
need for collaboration
july 2009
Political ambition:

- effective and efficient
local government

- excellent civil service

- administrative merger; uprooting

- harmonization local law and
regulations etc..

- "carwash sessions"
(red tape reduction /

- introduction case based

new name municipality
where to build a new townhall
Dilemma merger:
Dilemma 1:
Municipality Kinderdijk?!
Municipality Molenwaard !
15 million

available only
3 million...
Do we need a Town Hall?
Town Hall closed since October the 8th 2014
Virtual Office
MaaS 3.0
Public services
- all products 100% digital
Graafstroom, Liesveld en Nieuw Lekkerland
First actions:
- Community orientated approach
- "To take care of..."
"to enable that..."

= the art to scale-up and scale-down

sharpened political ambitions
at your home or in your local pub...
but only with an appointment
=> monitoring progress
=> managing quality and result
=> status information always available
for customers (track&trace)
- take a risk
- challenge and push (legal) boundaries
its sometimes better to ask for forgiveness
instead of permission

-> just do it!
External orientation
better smart "stolen"
than bad invented
3 pillars of empowerment
Professional freedom

our workplaces:
- 3 small rented backoffices
- at home and
= workplace ratio 0,5
ouside the box-thinking
scalable / flexible
IT strategy main
- IT as an enabler
- from specific to generic; 80/20 rule
- cloud based (no own datacenter)
- solutions based on "as a service" principal
- proven technology
- open standards
- IT availabilty 4xA en 24/7
- outsourcing (technical) maintenance
signing birth certificate at home (since 3,5 years)
Mobile & local applying
passport, driver license etc.
delivery at home
or at work
push boundaries / explore
at your leisure
and at no cost

Key principles:
(UNESCO World Heritage List)
Satisfaction study University of Tilburg
- all aspects of our civil services
- hostmanship (fysical and digital)
- means of participation

- Increase of citizens satisfaction on all our products and services
- Overall satisfaction rate: 8.1 (before 7.4)


Yes but…

Yes but what if it’s going wrong...?

Yes but what would our citizens think about it.?

Yes but who is going to supervise the employees…?

Yes but what does my boss thinks about this…?

Yes but...
= No

Innovative thinking
outside the box
(build on 4 program pillars and leading principals)
generic and customization
external orientation
measure quality
change = only constant
Main principle:

- persistent change is the only constant
Pillar 1
all products 100% digital

or at your home or in your local pub...

....but only with an appointment!

Services always case-based:
Pillar 2
Pillar 3
Pillar 4 ("the Enabler")
New challenges
representative democracy


participatory democracy
Survival of the fittest
(H. Spencer / C. Darwin)
Our goal:
Adapt and closing the gap
Every spot on earth can be your workingplace
but soon fully digital and secure with blockchain technology
from eGovernment to weGovernment!

If we want things to stay the same,
things have to change
end of the black box
transparency =
Mayor and Aldermen
became digital nomads
Canteen of a shipyard
Citizens home
Architect office
...to preserve democracy
Complete IT ecosystem based
on the Microsoft
- Secure (gov compliant, GDPR & ENSIA)
- Ensured business continuity
- Extreme scalable
- Multipurpose (incl. opensource)
Bytes and Behaviour and less Bricks
where it's all about:
"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

Drivers license also soon to be fully digital

.....cut out the middleman.....
...self organisation as a professional
Minds are like parachutes;
they work best when open.
no service counters
We cannot solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. [A. Einstein]
"You can't stop things like bitcoin or the blockchain. It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust. World governments will have to readjust"
Blockchain technology means:
Indisputable data
Safe & secure (no fraude)
=> Major change in public administration
Unavoidable consequences :
- "Cut out the middleman"
birth registration
relocation registration
Outside-the-box thinking

result: no need for a town hall
New technologies challenges
such as:
Voting App
Applying App
2 examples of civil services apps on the Blockchain:
New democracy challenges
Takk for din oppmerksomhet.
Change of mindset
HRM prospective
MaaS 3.0
Molenwaard as a Service
"Holy Grale"
- Building permits

- First level health care
Some examples:
Political reward fort being a "hero"
Disruption Officer

(Strategic Information & Innovation Advisor)

e-mail: jan.meijsen@gemeentemolenwaard.nl
Jan Meijsen
- laptop / tablet standard
- everyone!
- based on CYOD
- please use also personal
- fully encrypted and biometric
Standard tools:
"Survival of the fittest"
Takk for din oppmerksomhet.
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