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No description

Davis Campbell

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of HATCHET

The setting is in a forest in northern Canada.
The conflict is that Brian Robeson was in a plane crash and is now stuck in the middle of a forest in northern Canada. Brian has to survive in the forest on his own with just his hatchet.
The resolution was surprising!!!!!!!!!
This book is about a boy named Brian who gets in a plane crash and has to survive in a forest in northern Canada. He encounters a wild animal, has to build a shelter, and survives a hurricane!!
The characters are Brian Robeson, Brian's mother, Brian's father and Terry. Brian is the main character and the person who gets lost in the northern Canadian forest. Brian's mother gives Brian a hatchet to use if Brian and his father go hunting. Brian's father was the person Brian was going to see when he crashed. Terry is Brian's friend. Brian thought about the things he and Terry did together and it helped him survive.
In conclusion I think that Hatchet is a good book for all ages 11 and up. It teaches you a lesson about never giving up. If you like survival books you should read this. THANK YOU!
('. ' )
Gary Paulsen

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