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Future Church Proposal

No description

Bill Habicht

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Future Church Proposal

Future Church Concept
Social Enterprise Based Ministry
Social Enterprise
via the Church
Lead Music @ contemporary worship service
New Staff Position
Primary lead for 1001 New Worshiping Community
Social Enterprise
Year 2
1001 NWC Grant
Year 1
1st 6 mo = $ 7,500 from PCUSA
1st 6 mo = $ 7,500 from presby
2nd 6 mo = $17,500 from PCUSA
2nd 6 mo = $17,500 from Presby
= $50,000
For Music Business =

TOTAL = $60,000
Pastor A
Primary pastor for Church Mission/Outreach
Primary oversight of Social Enterprise
Secondary Lead for NWC
Position funded via the church
Campus Ministry
Primary oversight of campus ministry
Secondary Lead for NWC
Funded via the Campus Ministry
Campus Pastor
Pastor B
Primary pastor for Traditional Worship/Education
Primary oversight of Traditional Church
Position funded via the church
Year 3
Target Salary = $55,000
Worship Band Director 68%* = $37,500
Soc. Ent.+NWC donations 25% = $12,000
Music: Website Business 10% = $5,500
* Assumes a $55,000 line item for music directors.
68% for Worship Band Leader
32% for the traditional Music Director (choir/
1001 NWC Grant
12 months = $25,000 from PCUSA
12 months = $25,000 from presby

= $50,000
TOTAL = $50,000
Note: Benefits/health care not factored in at this point for any of the years listed.
100% = $55,000
Volunteer at first, then paid starting 3rd year
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