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No description

Genna Cottini

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Poems

By: Genna Cottini P.4-6 LA/SS Acrostic Sorrowful feelings after missing a throw
Outfield catches winning the game
Foul balls that feel like foul words
Timeouts getting us back on track
Batting in the box bringing so much imagination
After the catch dog pilings
Left field getting all the action
Loving the bruises with laces Concrete Direct Address I can be as Blue as the ocean
I can be as Purple as lavender
I hurt when you touch me
what am I?
I can sometimes have laces
I can sometimes be in a "ball" shape
I hurt when you touch me
what am I?
You can get me playing sports
You can get me in a fight
I hurt when you touch me
what am I?

I'm a BRUISE Ballad You can say our love is very deep
people may laugh and make fun but
their just jealous of how we are
"the Perfect Two"

You can say our love is as deep as the ocean
but there is always going to be other fish in between
but now i know you feel the same way
You're my fish and we will always stay close
even in the darkest part of the ocean!

Just because some say this and some say that
that doesn't mean we have to do so
I love the unikness you put into "us" now
you're mine and only mine
if anyone changed that i would die! Free verse Life and Sports You're all i ever Wanted
You're all i want Why does my heart
fall so easily like a leaf in the wind my
heart wont stop beating for you now that
you know the truth! you are mine and I
am yours no one will ever change that
your eyes twinkle like a star in the
night sky and your heart does
the same Love is Love but
with you love is
MORE Poems You're the on my face
You're the problem that i faced
If only I knew I wasn't the case
a year ago we felt, Amazing!
now were split, never talking
Why's it now, like
It never happened?
I loved you then and i still do
this will never end
I hope you feel the same All it takes is a little time
Just because same are wasting their love,
On someone they don't really.
They cant see the future and neither can you
Don't wast your time thinking about who its going to be.
Just because you don't have the "perfect girl"
doesn't mean you wont find her at all
later on in life when you will need her the most she'll appear
when she'll appear,you'll be happy and,
stop nagging others
She will be the one to change everything about you! Ballad Terror
the way we felt
arguing and screaming
first it was me now it was US
Why now? Cinquain A
N ddicted to laughing

angurous on bikes

ances like a fish out of water

ntelegent at everything

ister from another mister

n every day Funny and always smiling

othing can change us from who we are! T

N alented at everything

mazing awesome

ice and great at sports

ntelgent at love

o are love,you can say, is very deep

unny as they get

dicusly Hot

cute smile that happends only around me

ice looking an a new penny

ickng kool as a kid

oveable smiles

troductions, blushing

thing's with our love Acrostic Acrostic
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