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No description

Jaime Campos

on 25 September 2018

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Transcript of Tangrams

A tangram is a type of "dissection" puzzle. That means it's a puzzle that can be put together multiple ways to make a variety of shapes!
What is something you use in the art room that sounds similar to this?
What is a tangram?
Tangrams were invented in Ancient China hundreds of years ago! They came to Europe on trading ships around 1815.
Where did tangrams come from?
Tangrams have 7 shapes called "tans".
All 7 pieces must be used.
All 7 pieces must connect, but cannot overlap.
How do you use tangrams?
Tangram Shapes:
2 Large Triangles
1 Medium Triangle
2 Small Triangles
1 Square
1 Parallelogram
Create an illustration with your own tangram shape! But first, let's practice!
Today you will:
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