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School Counseling Proposal

No description

Vanencia Lynch

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of School Counseling Proposal

School Counseling Proposal

Addressing Non-compliant Behavior in Landry Walker High School Students

Implementation of Program
Description of Proposal
Program Goal

Target Population
Participant Selection
Program Format
Evaluation of Program
Statement of Problem
To reduce the number of verbal and physical altercations between peers and against authority figures.

Decrease number of reported classroom disruptions.

To reduce the number of corrective disciplinary action measures taken overall in order to promote a more positive learning environment.
This program will address the
personal social domain
development of students at Landry-Walker High School.
The ASCA Model Student Competencies wished to be met include:
PS:A1.5 Identify and express feelings
PS:A1.6 Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behavior
PS:A1.8 Understand the need for self-control and how to practice it

In addition to working with students on behavioral issues, faculty and staff will collaborate and receive training on how
to address students not in compliance.

Maladaptive and non compliance verbal or physical displays of behavior have been a reoccurring area of concern for the Landry Walker High School student body. On average students (reported by staff) 3 in 5 students will be involved in an aggressive or violent verbal or physical altercation either amongst peer groups or towards faculty and staff. This is problem is creating an issue for the productivity of the learning environment and overall school safety.

If this issue is not addressed the mission of Landry Walker, goals for the Algiers Charter School Association Strategic Plan, and the standards of the ASCA School Counseling Model will not be met.
Based of the mission of Landry Walker High School, the ACSA (Algiers Charter School Association) Strategic Plan for 2019, and the requirements outlined in the highly effective category of the ASCA National Model, the following proposal outlines the appropriate measures to be taken by counselors to address the non compliance behavioral patterns of its students.
Any student that has repetitive and consistent disciplinary referrals will be the primary participants. These are the students that will be serviced individually or weekly in through small group activities. These students will be identified using the student's personal file , reviewing school records, and teacher/parent recommendations.

all students
will at some point receive some sort of
direct or indirect counseling
service regarding this issue.

ACSA schools serve a high-risk population with over 90% of families qualifying for free or reduced price lunch, 16% of the students are special needs learners, 7% are dual language learners, and one in five of ACSA’s 9th grade students are overage.
Evaluation will be geared towards showing the overall
of this counseling intervention. The goal is to show that this program fostered a positive change on students' ability to utilize knowledge learned from this program to correct/influence behavior.

Measuring the number of disciplinary referrals and suspensions
(quantitative data)
Measuring the perceptions and attitudes of students concerning behavior
(surveys/questionnaires/ interviews)
Evaluations from teachers
(student behavioral reports)
ASCA School Counseling Program Evaluation Tool
Many forms of data will be needed to accurately measure the effectiveness of the program. Constant action will be taken to gather data information from all school stakeholders (students, teachers, administration, parents)
This program will use direct and indirect counseling services to better serve this large population. This program is to
used as supplement

to the current policies set in place regarding discipline
The format is to pair counseling and instruction with consequence. The philosophy that counseling can be used to correct non-compliant behavior.
Doing the right thing is not always the most popular thing!

use of catchy slogans of flyers and t-shirts
that teachers and administration can use to motivate and remind students of their role and behavioral expectations.

Also, the
use of student leaders/student council members as models of behavior and program ambassadors.
Also inviting local celebrities to come speak to students on the importance of appropriate behavior.

All this is done in hopes of taking the stigma away from being the "Good Kid".
Changing the culture of the school!

Research shows that if students do not feel safe at school it hinders the ability to learn. The behaviors and actions of other students influence how students perceive school safety. Positive learning environments motivate students to achieve. Consistent behavioral disruptions such as fights, threats, bullying, substance usage, and defiance all contribute to the decline of a supportive learning atmosphere.
Mission of Landry Walker:
....."expand conceptual understanding, acquire critical thinking and problem solving skills and develop positive habits"....
Strategic Plan 2019:
The next five years will be focused on great experiences, leadership, excellence, community, innovation, and growth.
Working with Teachers and Staff
Identify the need for systemic change: This is NOT WORKING!
Prove that behavioral correction and consequence should be used as a learning/counseling opportunity.
Bring awareness and spark concern
Working with Teachers, Administration, and other staff, and parents.
Training for teachers on how to respond to students.

Working with Students
Psycho- educational
curriculum delivered in classrooms and group settings focusing on topics:
Anger and Stress Management
Coping Skill Training
Social Skill Training
Individual Counseling
Small Group Counseling
Peer Mediation
Safe Place:
a place to receive immediate individual counseling or have personal time to reflect.
Using detention/ in school suspension as an opportunity for counseling
Rewarding Students when small and large goals are met.
special event/field trips
The cost of this program will be minimal, aside from the possible use of outside resources such as celebrities or influential individual (not mandatory), since this is a counseling service opportunity the finances needed for this program will already be accounted for in the school allocations.

Below is a roughly drafted budget for the program:

Publications(Flyers or other printing needs)........................................................................$2,000
Hiring of Guest Speakers/Celebrities.....................................................................................$10,000
(some offer free community service/ philanthropic work)
Rewards for Students................................................................................................................$5,000
Training for Faculty/Staff (if outside training is needed)...............................................$1,000
This program will be financed through grants. The following grants will be applied for:

Fishman Prize for Educators of Underserved Students
The Fishman Prize from TNTP is awarded each year to public school educators who teach in schools with 40 percent or more of students on free- or reduced-lunch. The prizes are given to educators who have worked in their schools for more than a year, and entrants are judged on three criteria: their ability to reach every student, the use of effective instructional practices, and a "passion for teaching and a deep commitment to advancing" the profession.
Prize: Up to five educators receive a $25,000 award and acceptance into a summer residency program

Lowes Toolbox For Education Grant
Up to 5 million dollar reward


ASCA National Model

Search Engines (researching financing options)
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