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Get Into the Story

No description

Russell Ward

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Get Into the Story

What is Massively?

Through a powerful and interactive non-linear
publishing platform,
users can enter a story, become their favourite character, have real time conversations with other characters or change the course of any story simply by using their mobile devices.

Writers and property owners can easily create their own stories and publish them for free.

It brings storytelling into the exploding world of Instant Messaging in a way that compliments the user experience rather than compete with it or distracts from it.

It is not just a role-playing game for your mobile device!

How Does Massively work? Massively has three main components, the application, the author and the store, and two ‘creators’ (Writers and Publishers). The combination of these elements is what creates Massively’s unique story experience.

So, why are we doing Massively?

Why does House of Cool care?
We are storytellers.
Our clients are storytellers.
We help our clients tell their stories.

Our clients make movies, TV shows and 30 second commercials.
They need a way to extend their stories on mobile in a way that their audiences' want.
They need to engage their audience on their “second screen” in a way that compliments, not competes with it or distracts from it.
They need to find ways to get consumers to pay for digital content. They need to rapidly create new products and reanimate existing ones to offset declines in existing revenue.
They are looking for ways to get involved in new revenue generating efforts like micro transactions and freemium models.
They are demanding more content at a cheaper price, and they want it done yesterday.
We're here because we have revolutionally storytelling product that can help!
What do we offer the the app users?

You’re a huge fan…be it a book, a TV show or a movie.

The characters mean a lot to you and you want to be a part of their world.

You want influence and to get more deeply involved in the story.

You spend a lot of time chatting with friends and you wish you could chat with the characters you love in the same way.

And you don’t want to spend a lot of money…
Research supports the idea that "audiences are more ready than ever to embrace new tech-driven possibilities for stories to affect them more deeply."

Specifically -

78% want to "friend" a character digitally on Facebook or via text messages

78% want to have the ability to help sway the character's decisions.

87% want to see events through the eyes of a particular character or to switch between different characters' points-of-view.

92% agree there is a real opportunity for brands to make ads feel more like a story or a game that they'd naturally choose to engage with.

Emarketer reports that 95% of US teens and Millennials (ages 12-34) own a cellphone, with 80% owning a smartphone.

In Canada, 68% of grade 8 students and 85% of grade 11 students own a phone.

In 2012 the average number of texts sent by teens was 60 per day (2013 higher)

Almost 2 Billion users globally are using Messaging Apps, 7 billion mobile phone users globally (92% use their phones to text)
What does Massively offer creators?

Ability to create free “transmedia” story extensions and allows them to maintain complete control and ownership of these stories.

An incredibly relevant user experience (texting is what the audience is doing)

Fulfills the audience's desire to engage in story in a new way (become a friend of the character, influence the story, getting back story, any time access to the content, etc.)

Easy execution (specifically vs. creating a video or games for story extensions)

Revenue generating potential (they get 60% of net sales)

Marketing and promotional benefit - builds to a launch, reanimates a franchise, bridges episodes, seasons or sequels.

absolutely free!

The app is the front end of the Massively experience.

The app acts in the same way that a normal text-messaging window would behave (send and receive texts, images, and eventually video/voice to the virtual characters)

It always makes the user believe that there is a real person on the other end of the text, not a computer.

Through a combination of stories written by a writer and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) built into app, the user is taken on a realistic journey with the virtual characters where the user’s decisions affect the outcome of the story as well as how the characters interact with the user.

Writers use the Massively Authoring Tool (MAT) to create stories.

Stories can be created by linking nodes together where each of these nodes will contain a different component of the story. The nodes in the authoring tool flow from one to another, and can be thought of as a scene in the story. At each scene, the user will respond to questions using text, and depending on how they respond, they are sent to another node (scene) in the story.

The flow is determined by which “keywords” the user types. Since someone is likely to respond “absolutely” instead of “yes”, the AI will incorporate dictionaries, thesauruses and NLTKs (Native Language Tool Kits) to create a map of keywords/phases and how they are related.

The graphical and visual nature of the tool makes it easy for the writers to use and manage the story’s flow and succession.

In addition to its’ editing system, the author tool has a built in simulation tool and troubleshooting tool that allows the writers to preview and review their work before they publish it.

The mobile messaging market will be worth US$16 billion in 2016, In order to bring in this money, many of these apps no longer do just messaging.

Digital stickers alone are a very good money maker. Of the $58m Line made in sales in the first quarter of 2013, 30%, or roughly $17m, came from sales of its 8,000 different stickers. 20% of sticker users have at one point paid for stickers on Line.

KakaoTalk (on 90% of all smartphones in South Korea) registered users can choose from more than 100 games they can play with one another, and games generated $311m in sales in the first half of 2013.

Kik and Tango are turning into full-fledged platforms, inviting companies to create games that run on their apps. Kik recently announced that 145 million unique Kik cards have been installed, meaning that on average, a unique card is being installed over 4 million times.

Social messaging giants will speed up their monetization efforts in 2014 and are looking for content that can drive revenue. According to Forrester Research’s study, Predictions 2014: Mobile Trends for Marketers, “these new networks are primarily peer to peer communication platforms where consumers expect relevant and entertaining content – not ads.” This is exactly what Massively offers!

Imagine being a character in any story…any book, any TV show, any movie.

Imagine being part of any historical event or even reliving what happened last Friday night.

Now imagine the choices you make in any of those stories can change the way the other characters respond and how the story unfolds.

Now you’re imagining Massively.
Media Smarts: Young Canadians in a wired world. Phase III, (2013 survey of 5,436 Canadian Students in grades 4-11)
What is Massively?
Choose your own adventure story (role playing game)
Predictive Language Processing
Ubiquitous Texting and Chat Behavour
What Is Massively?
What is Massively?

Why are we doing Massively?
Who is going to use Massively?
Is it really a business?
What's the plan?
What is Massively?
What is Massively?
"The first set of 'Fix in Six' Vine videos for Lowe's cost about $5,000 to make. The average national 30-second spot cost $354,000 to produce."

"The volume of creative work in social media that clients want produced these days is much greater than the volume of content designed for television. Because of that, the way you produce work has changed."
Who is going to use Massively?
Massively has two distinct target audiences;

1) Writers and Creators for the authoring tool.
Original stories, fan fiction, public domain stories
Properties and Franchises (Intellectual Property rights holders)
Brands and Marketers

2) Massively App Users who play the stories.
The profile of the app users are millennials under the age of 35 (young adults, teens and tweens).
This group are heavy texters and using OTT (over-the-top) chat apps like Kik, WhatsApp or BBM.
They are hungry for more involvement in their stories.
What about texting? Seems too simple...
But is it a business?
So what's the plan?
What are we trying to accomplish?
Massively Content Creators
Great Stories
A lot of Stories
Marque Properties

Massively App Users
Mass Distribution (3 million AMUs in year 1)

Key Strategies For Content Creators:
1) Seed the platform. We want to create and show them how its done

2) Pick the hot brands. Leverage HoC’s rolodex to get “A-listers”

3) Get writers on board. Engage writers and recruit them to use the platform.

Key Strategies For Distribution/App Users:
1) App inside an App. Embed Massively into established messaging services.

2) Spread the word. Seed and facilitate “word of mouth” to recruit users.

3) Get someone else to pay. Negotiate broadcast and media partnerships.

4) Earn it. Generate press and earned media.

5) Go to them. Target fans (and fandoms) where they live.
Specifically, for content:

Action #1 - Create an impactful presence at key production, digital, writer (creator), marketing and fan gatherings

Action #2 – Appeal to their business sense (easy creation of free content that can make money and augment marketing efforts)

Action #3 – Find some “friendlies”

Action #4 - Make it easy. Write “spec” stories and offer to train writers on the platform. Create templates which can mitigate the risk and reduce the writing resources required to create stories. Blogs, video tutorials, best practices and templates will all be provided.

Action #5 – Partner with Wattpad – During beta testing (July/August), offer top writers on fan fiction destination Wattpad.com prize money to write/adapt stories for the Massively platform.

Action #6 – Penetrate their social circles and reach into writer, fan fiction and role-playing game communities on fan pages, Facebook, YouTube, twitter promoting the free non-linear writing tool and offering “author-prenuers” an opportunity to earn money selling their stories on the Massively platform

Action #7 – Create a simple loyalty program that awards badges or exclusive stickers for completing/writing stories which can be shared on social platforms (facebook, etc).

Action #8 - Develop our own stories/IP

Specifically for Distribution (Users):

Action #1 - In addition to making the app available for download in the Apple App store, Google Play store and in the Massively Store, embedding the app into established messaging services is key. The most likely distribution partners are Kik, BBM and/or Tango (desperate to begin generating revenue and to differentiate themselves.

Action #2 - Work with Corus and shop around to other media partners. Use the promo spots created by Corus with other potential media partners as a case study on the benefit of Massively to drive marketing and promotional objectives.

Action #3 – Write and distribute a press release…boring, but still effective! Custom stories written which include the key media contact will be created showcasing how anyone can “Get into the Story” with Massively. Radio/TV personalities will be written into stories and invited to play the stories on-air to demonstrate the power of the platform.

Action #4 – Engage bloggers and thought leaders to help spread the word. Thought leaders include fan site administrators, roll playing game community sites and even celebrity endorsements.

Action #5 – Advertising works...but only if we can afford it.

Revenue Steams

Story Sales - Vast majority of stories will be free. We're assuming a small % of users will pay (4%-10%)
Paid Promotion - Brands can "push" this stories for a fee.
White Labeling - We will create a store exclusively for partners who want it.
Custom Content - Although we don't intend to be a full creative shop for every story, there is a wide array of custom programs we can capitalize on.
Advertising - As the user base grows, advertisors will pay to deliver their ads (although likely in a way that promotes "brand stories")

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