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ZipGrade tutorial

No description

on 13 August 2015

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Transcript of ZipGrade tutorial

How it Works
ZipGrade: Grading Scantrons with your Phone

Tips and Tricks
Put the answer sheet on the same page with the questions.
Thank You
Tips (Cont.)
Reusable answer sheets.
Can grade over 20 quizzes a minute.
Student IDs
ZipGrade is an app (iOS and Android) that turns a teacher's device into an optical grading machine for grading and organizing paper, multiple-choice assessments.
Download the Free App
Caitlin Cloyd
Magnolia High School
Students turn in their completed answer sheets. (pen or pencil)
Hold the phone over the answer sheet as though you're going to take a picture of it.
Phone will vibrate once ZipGrade has successfully read the answer sheet.
Student name and grade will be displayed.
Results are accessible directly within the app.
Results and data can be emailed out.
Printable answer sheets.
20 Questions
50 Questions
100 Questions
Students can enter an ID Number.
Captures image of Name Blank.
Make correction without having to re-scan.
Quickly correct answers either from the Key or on individual Answer Sheets.

No need to rescan.

Grades are automatically updated.
Students get immediate feedback.
Student IDs allow you to keep track of student's progress.

Keeps assessments organized.

Pre-filled Answer Sheets can be printed.
Allow immediate retakes.
Self-Scan Exit Tickets
A basic stand to hold the teacher's iPad at the appropriate height.
Check Settings
When enabled, ZipGrade will show a whole screen image of the scanned paper, how it interpreted each question, and the score.
How long ZipGrade will show the previous results.
Hide the score of the previous scanned paper.
Print on card stock.
Have students mark with dry erase markers.
Alter the answer sheets to do surveys.
You cannot mess with the black boxes.

Use Item Analysis to view your results.
*You will need to setup a "fake" key.
Eliminate the "E".
Keep device charged.
Let students pick their ID.
No repeats.
Caitlin Cloyd
This is the Sonic Screwdriver of grading.

Gets it done and gets it done fast!
Terrific data and charts via the website.
One Last Note:
There are two versions of ZipGrade: 'Original' ZipGrade and ZipGrade VPP. The former is free-to-download with a 100 scan demo. After 100 scans, teachers may pay for a subscription ($6.99/year). The latter, ZipGrade VPP, does not have a demo period. It currently costs $9.99 with no further payment required to use forever.
Additional Technology to Consider...
- App that lets you send messages to students/parents by subscription
- Web quiz & review games (KIDS LOVE!)
- Quiz/Games
- Create or search flashcards for review
Google Classroom
- create, distribute and grade assignments in a paperless way
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