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Chapter 4

No description

farah anis

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of Chapter 4

Richard reads Mr.Kilmer's letter in his room. He is now training to be a soldier. He advises Richard to overcome and share his poetry with people around him.
Over dinner, Richard asks Angie to read Mr.Kilmer's letter aloud. She reads it but nobody seems intrested. Gus does not believe that Mr.Kilmer is famous, and Pa does not believe that Richard writes poetry.
Richard asks his family members if they want to read his poems but nobody is intrested. Pa tells him not to let poetry interfere with his farm chores and schoolwork. Richard then goes up to his room sadly.
Gus comes into the room and advises Richard not to tell anyone he writes poetry. He wants Richard to fit in with people because everyone is calling him a Hun lover after he signed the card for Hannah.
The next day after school, Richard tells Mrs.Hansen that e writes poetry and shows her Mr.Kilmer's letter. Then, Mrs.Hanse helps him to choose a poem on a thunderstorm to send to Mr.Kilmer. She also wants Richard to share some of his poems and Mr.Kilmer's letters with the class when he is ready.
As Richard leaves the school, Hannah apologises to him for being rude. She knows that he is the only one who signed the card. She informs him that some of her neighbours painted over those awful words and promised not to let it happen again. She also tells him that her brother, Otto, has joined the American Army. She and her family are worried that he may be killed and he may have to kill his own cousins.
On his way home, Richard climbs his favourite old oak tree. He notices the train full if soldiers laughing and smiling. He wonders why they are not worried the danger and hardship that they will be facing. Then he thinks about Otto and Mr.Kilmer and feels sad.
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