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Baby Boom

No description

lisa tran

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Baby Boom

Baby Boom

The Baby Boom was the time when soldiers returned home from war and got their pleasure on resulting in an increase on the birth rate.
There was a total of about 78 million baby boomers all during that time. A total of 26 percent of the United States population was a baby boomer!
...by the time they retired the Social Security cost would be higher than the income tax because the population over 65 would grow faster than the working population.
Barack Obama was a baby boomer!
Even John F. Kennedy too!
Baby boomers had many privileges growing up. They were educated. They were considered the wealthiest, most active, and the generation that grew up with an improving world in their future.
This was the time period where there were so many babies that their cries could be heard across the land!
Mothers were encouraged to leave their workforce and embrace their roles as mothers and wives.
As babies boomed so did the suburbs. All the returning soldiers were moving to the suburbs because they were given low cost mortgages to the houses there. it was cheaper to buy a house there than to rent an apartment in the city
Many people were confident in the children's future and corporations did grow larger and more profitable. Wages were generously increasing. Consumer goods were more plentiful and affordable.
By Lisa Tran
Many baby boomers experienced dramatic social, economic and educational changes, most being positive and benefiting changes.
Since there were so many baby boomers...........
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