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Action Research on Writing Journals

This is my action research project on the implementation of writing journals in a classroom and the effects thereof.

Heather Lucas

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Action Research on Writing Journals

Student Choice Varying Levels of difficulty Pass the Picture Dialogue Fable Booklet Student-Teacher
Relationship Private Good for Large Class Creative Space Safe Personal No Pressure! Model Writing Journals in the Classroom Action Research Prompts Data Benefits Literacy Issues Testimonials Results What happens when
I implement Writing
Journals? How were the
journals used? Are Journals useful in
and of themselves? In what ways are they
useful to all students? Free Response Traditional Creative Relevant to their
lives Related to
Curriculum Current Events Various Types
of Prompts Journals Surveys Observations Trust Downsides Time Consuming Inappropriate Content Beneficial for English Language
Learners Beneficial for Emerging Writers Creative Space for All Time Consuming Focus Privacy Concern during Pass the Picture “I enjoyed your responses and was genuinely excited about how you would answer and what you would ask.”

“Everyone wrote some great fables, the book looked nice, it was a great experience.”

“[The journals] allowed me to express myself and I felt private writing. It let me write whatever I pleased.”

From an ELL: “I think its very helpful because when you give us the prompts its like all of us have different idea so that make us learn from each others.”

“I honestly think it is a good start of the class period and they are a good way for teachers to keep up with their students.”

“Writing regularly for a set period of time allows one to increase their writing ability and overall enjoyment of writing.”

“Writing prompts are one of my favorite parts of the day.”

What does this mean for me? What does this mean for you? Set Aside Some Time Dialogue or Prompt Hunting Have Fun with it! Determine Your Purpose
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