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Russian Desman

Science project #1 term #2

Jake Leather

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Russian Desman

Russian Desman Desman Moschata Structural Adaptations Avoiding
Predators Long Sensitive Snout Compressed Tail Getting Food Long Snout to Sense Prey Good Sense of Smell Behavioral Adaptations Lives in groups of 2-5 Noctornal sleeps in day
awake at night At night it looks for food Hind Feet are Webbed Reproduction Usually reproduces twice a year Once in the end of Spring Once at the end of Fall Getting Food Project #1
Adaptation Project Project #2

Conservation Part #1 Pyrenean Desman

Galemys Pyrenaicus Also Threatened lives up to 3.5 years live in pairs Lives in/near mountain streams Shrew-Mole

Neurotrichus Gibbsii not a threatend species often found above ground has thirty-six teeth Part #2 Habitat Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan Ular River Volga River Don River Recently disapeared from Belarus Periodically disappears from its habitat Part #3 Why its Endangered Fixed fishing nets electric landing nets electric rods kill fish remove the desmans food pollution habitat loss Part #4 What would happen if othe species in the habitat went extinct loss of food for the desman faster extinction Natural unbalance Part #5 Possible Zoo Habitat Medium sized stream/river Some shore or land fish in the stream small lake water/marsh plants 1-2 meter depth Project #3

Artificial Selection The Russian Desmans Long and sensitive snout Avoid radiation high reproduction rate Avoiding predators Lives in groups Noctornal lives in a narrow niche http://www.iucnredlist.org/apps/redlist/details/6506/0 References http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_desman reproduce with same species Part 1 use to find food often I have chosen this trait because I belive that the Russian Desmans long snout is a usefull part of its anatomy because... -it helps find food -it makes the Desman more aware of predators Part 2 -helps find a mate hunting poaching Part 3 It will take approximately 200 years for 100 generations to be completed the Desman reaches sexual maturity after two years of life usually has 3-5 offspring Part 4
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