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Thomas paine

No description

Bridget Houghtelin

on 15 February 2018

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Transcript of Thomas paine

Thomas Paine
By Ella

Famous for
Thomas Paine was an English american writer ,and pamphleter whose common sense,and other writings influenced the american revoulution.

Born and died
Born Feb 9,1737

Died June 8,1809
3 Important facts
Role in the Revoloution
England born political philosopher ,and writer. Thomas Paine was the first phamphleter to advocate american independence .
Family life

1st wife was Mary Lambert 1759 to 1760,and his 2nd wife was Elizabeth Olive 1771 to 1774.

Sister Elizabeth paine

Mother Frances cocke



Thomas Paine was born in England.
When he was 12 years old Thomas Paine flunked out of Thetford.
After many failers in his career he went to write common sense.
Paine returned to Europe,and offered his defence of the french revolution with the rights of men.
Life after the revolution

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