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Wendelin Van Draanen

No description

Tiffanie Thomas

on 10 November 2011

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Transcript of Wendelin Van Draanen

Wendelin Van Draanen Childhood Wendelin Van Draanen was born on January 6, 1965. She had been born in Chicago Illinois. She had always been interested in reading books, magazines, etc. She had loved to be outside finding new or extrodinary adventures, she described herself as a tomboy. When she was an adult she wanted to be an author, she had'nt thought about it in childhood. her mother had taught her to read at a very early age of her life. She had three siblings. One of the books that she wrote was the running dream, published on May 10, 2011. Wendelin Van Draanen Published on May 2003
Books Published Some of the books that Wendelin Van Draanen Published was "The Running Dream" which was published on May 10, 2011. Another book that she had published was "Flipped" published in May 2003. She also published the series of "Sammy Keyes" books. Award Winning Author Wendelin Van Draanen has won the Young Adult fiction award on November 15. She also won the Christopher medal for Shredderman. Wendelin Van Draanen also recieved California young reader medal for her novel "Flipped" BY: Tiffanie Thomas
Block: 4
Sources www.sis.utk.edu/ccyal-presents-award-winning-author-wendelin-van-draanen-november-15 Runaway Education and Jobs. Wendelin Van Draanen was a highschool computer teacher in central California. She managed the school newspaper and coordinated the yearbook. She has two boys and is a wife. She had recently retired to be a full time writer. She had loved teaching but she had also wanted to be a writer. http://www.writerswrite.com/journal/dec01/vandraanen.htm
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