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Bearded Dragons

apperance habitat Interesting habits

kat gir

on 7 March 2011

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Transcript of Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons By: Katryna Girton
Block 6 Habitat Bearded dragons live in a range of places all through out Australia.There they live in wet forests and deserts.
But when it's time to go home they live in:
- trees
- rocks
- and in burrows when it gets to hot - about 1 foot long
-yellow, brown, red, and purple
-triangular heads, circular bodies
- short legs, long tails
males- bigger and darker beards
females- smaller then the males Apperance Interesting Habits - when wants to fight bobs head
-waves arm
- beard will turn black and puff up.
- back turns black and it's feet yellow. Current Status - healthy enviroment.
-pest in Australia.
- a common pet in America Why did I choose bearded dragons I chose bearded dragons for this project because
- ever since I was little I had a fansiantion for lizards
- and today I have 2 bearded dragons and I enjoy both. Australia
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