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Elements of Poetry

This Prezi identifies and analyzes the basic structural elements of poetry.

Anthony Davis

on 23 January 2012

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Transcript of Elements of Poetry

Scheme Rhythm Line Stanza Imagery Poetry Vs. Prose Compare
Contrast! figurative or descriptive
language in a literary work Imagery Stanza Line a group of 2 or more lines
forms a unit in a poem a single row of words/characters
makes up a unit in a poem Form Speaker Speaker the voice that "talks" to the reader
not necessarily the poet Poetic Form the way a poem is laid out on a page
the arrangement of a poem's words into lines/stanzas Rhyme a word pair/set whose accented vowel sounds are identical Slant Rhyme or
Off Rhyme rhyme that is approximate, but not exact End Rhyme Internal Rhyme rhyme at the end of a line rhyme within a single line of poetry Rhyme Scheme a pattern of end rhyme Rhythm a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables Meter Foot repetition of a regular rhythmic unit each unit of meter
a combination of stressed and unstressed syllables Meter Foot Poetry!
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