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Korean War

No description

Wade Crawford

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Korean War

KOREAN WAR Took place between June 25,1950
and July 27, 1953 After World War II
Korea was divided
along the 38th parallel Zones of occupation Soviet Union-North
United States-South June 25, 1950-North Korea
invades South Korea June 27, 1950- President Truman authorized
use of land, sea, and air forces in Korea July 4, 1950- United Nations places
forces under United States command General Douglas
MacArthur named
supreme commander North Korean forces faced
little resistance and pushed
South Korean forces to the
Pusan Area, on the Southeast
tip of Korea September 15, 1950- U.S. forces
launch counteroffensive UN forces made landing
at Inchon on west coast
of South Korea North Korean forces
fall back, MacArthur
pushes into North Korea October 19, 1950- Pyongyang,
North Korea's capital, is captured by U.S. forces. North Korea launches
counteroffensive of its own North Korea captures
South Korean capital (Seoul) in January 1951 Conflict returned
to 38th parallel Remained at 38th parallel until end of war An armistice was reached
on July 27, 1953 this followed much
difficulty and even nuclear threats by
Eisenhower however, the armistice
was NOT a end-of-war
treaty Losses from Korean
War United States-54,000
killed, 103,000 wounded Communist losses
were at least 10 times
as high
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