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Time Cinema

No description

Chang LIU

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Time Cinema

Time Cinema
Company WATCH IT ONLINE too BORING for watching ALONE Then.. Rent a DVD and share it with friends!! Wanna Watch a Film?? Still
Want a have interactive experience? Go Cinema? ! 95.2% Popcorn + Seat +Screen +3D/4D glasses What Actually Do Cinema offers you? YES! Be PART of it! Time Cinema Company good environment good visual&sound effect socialization (by engroup, 2009) Why People go to cinema 77.6% This is what TIME CINEMA CAN GIVES U is a live cinema event organizing company which delivers an interactive cinematic experience like no other. What can Time Cinema
DO? Cultural value Value
Creation Economic Value 1. Challenge the “Hollywood blockbuster dominated” current situation (Problem1)

2. Contribute to the spread of Chinese film history & strengthen national distinctiveness. (Problem3)

3. Making Beijing a culturally rich place to visit
5. Create a unique “Made in China” film festival 1. Breaks traditional film distribution(problem2)
2. Opens a new live event market
3. Boosts the box office taking and sales of Chinese
domestic film(problem3) Problem Chinese domestic Film Hollywood Film has been dominated
Chinese film market since 1994.

(Yin, 2009)
1 Transformer3 Imported
2 Let the bullet flies domestic
3 Kung Fu panda Imported
4 Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Imported
5 You are the one domestic
6 Harry Potter Imported
7 Beginning Of The Great Revival domestic
8 The Smurfs Imported
9 Fast 2 Furious 5 Imported
10 Battle:Los Angeles Imported 2011 China mainland Box Office Revenue Ranking
(RMB) Number of Film Produced in China majority of domestic produced films have been suffering in a “cold war” with low audience viewing rate and incredibly low box office. The future of Chinese domestic film has always been a concern. (Stanley, 2003; Yin, 2001) Entgroup.2011 entgroup, 2009 Chinese Audience's Consume Behavior Interviewees: 17230 people 95.2% Piracy The piracy popped up and grew quickly during the early nineties when the VCD becomes popular in mainland China and it is still a big threat ahead of industry such as cinema, film, music,etc.(Shujen and Jonathan, 2003) Why people don't go to Cinema? 77.2% high price £ 6~12 Not interactive 38.6% entgroup.2009 All is about sitting in front of a screen and staring at it..... I wouldn’t pay 90RMB that much to sit in a shuttered place to watch a movie. I dont see the difference between watching a 2D film in a cinema and on a computer screen.....for many films.... Watching film in cinema is great! but it is too costly for me!! I hate someone sit beside me talking while watching film in cinema....it is annoying.... But I wanna communicate with people
to share my feelings about the film...
Time Cinema &
Live Cinema Event
Live Cinema Event is a cinematic experience which performs or re-preforms film in a unique way.
By combining various artistic elements together, live cinema event allows audience to become part of the film Role-playing Physic&Brain
team games theatrical performance Live music Time Cinema will re-perform classic Chinese domestic film on Live cinema event. What Time Cinema will do.... Educational role: Film before 1950s 1. High culture value 3. Based on folklore 4. Retro trend 2. Less known Interactive! Why? high price low cultural value
(pure commercial) + = unworthy to watch in cinema price price price... In old days, a cinema can generate the profit and reach the break-even-point with 6 years, but now, it takes at least 8 years.” (Cao, 2012) Fierce Competition Groupon Discount 3 for 2 More interactive
Be participative It's time to change the traditional film distribution way Market Potential The Opportunities ahead.... the Successful story of Secret Cinema Event organizing company
The Origination of "Live cinema" SECRET CINEMA Launched in 2007:
Facebook first event 400audience Member 60,000 people Followers 30,000 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4sxqw9wEKs Started with presenting classic film and distribute new released film with big brand now July 1st-7th
Prometheus 1 million pound in pre-sales 3% of Prometheus's total box revenue in UK the scene the character the storyline Binge of Class film-watching activities in China On Beijing:
80-100 classic film watching activities per week Most: 1600 people
Least: 50
Average: 400~500 the binge of classic film-watching in China Retro Trend Market Potential 1 Market Potential 2 Poor equipment Low price or for free Retro Trend in China
Among young people For education or sharing only Why POPULAR? Socialization! Targeted group: Young people Young people " Sometimes young people go to cinema or watch a film is not because they want watch a certain movie, but because they want a social occasion and entertainment experience. (Matthew Robson, 2009) People love vintage things.
They want to experience the history in another way PEST Analysis Political Factors Economic Factors Socio-cultural Factors Technological Factors Government encouragement policy on cultural industry Local government's support National culture industry development Funds Continual rise in GDP & disposable income Chinese Young people's consumption concept Binge in classic film-watching activity Retro trend sweeps various industry sectors Young people's eagerness for socialization Internet dominated age: Age of information New media marketing Social networking Value Capture Market Matrix Price Product Live cinema event Two pricing strategy Penetration & Competition from 70RMB( £ 7) avg cinema ticket in China: £ 6~12 How Expensive it is? 2D avg: 70~110RMB 3D: 120~160RMB monthly income: 1/456 8.5 times 7.2 times France US China 1/56 (business value, 2011) Ticket Price in China Promotion Less traditional advertisement Depends on Internet& social networkting website Creates event trailer&Poster Online viral marketing &
mouth to mouth Organization Structure Pre-event decorating and design Pre-event + Event assisting Volunteers Finance Internal Investment 3F shareholder start capital: 110,000RMB
two founder External Government loan: 50,000
no interests charges
no tax
installment accepted Partnership: online ticket agency can be paid off in the third years provides advertisement opportunities Logo will be featured 10% box office commission Sponsor: Title Sponsor
digital equipment Title Sponsor Benefits Featured Logo staff T-shirt ticket live equipment Event official Web Break Even Point at the end of 3rd year Further Detail discussion & illustration Question? Thank you! Sunny/
Chang Live Cinema Event Process 3. Event website launched
Event Trailer Release 4. Customer buy tickets via Dami online ticketline receive reference number will be informed the details in advance 5. Audience will be transported to event venue 1. Venue & Film Selecting 2. Venue Decorating & Constructing + Advertising 6. Audience will be guided to explore the venue 7. Audience will be encouraged to do complete game tasks 8. Break time after Task completed
(Food&Drink available) 9. Time for watching the film From virtual to Reality?
More engagement? What you expected What you actually get.... Connection!!!
Interaction!! Recall people's passion on domestic film WILL CHANGE IT
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