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Jessica's Integrating Technology into Reading Class

This presentation introduces Lesson Plans for my Reading Class which meets the ECOMP 6016 final project requirements

Jessica McPherson

on 6 October 2011

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Transcript of Jessica's Integrating Technology into Reading Class

Planning/Proposal Results Project: Tic-Tac-Toe
of Choices Jessica's Reading Project Notes Important
Details (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Post results here Essential Standards Addressed: R.3.4.14 Clarify understanding of nonfictional passages by creating outlines, graphic organizers, logical notes, summaries, or reports.
R.3.4.7 Predict probable outcomes from knowledge of events obtained from a reading selection.
R.3.4.7 Predict probable outcomes from knowledge of events obtained from a reading selection.
HS.TT.1.2 Use appropriate technology tools and other resources to organize information (e.g. online note-taking tools, collaborative wikis).
HS.TT.1.3 Use appropriate technology tools and other resources to design products to share information with others (e.g. multimedia presentations, Web 2.0 tools, graphics, podcasts, and audio files).
HS.SE.1.2 Analyze safety issues and practices when using online resources (legal and criminal consequences, long-term career consequences of behavior). Pride& Prejudice

Jane Austen

Citiation:Austen, J. (1895). Pride and prejudice. (1 ed.). Retrieved from Wikipedia.org

Summary: Elizabeth Bennet lives in England with her four sisters, mother, and father.When Mr. Bingley, a rich, young bachelor, arrives to stay briefly in Hartfordshire. Mrs. Bennet tries to get one of her daughters to marry him. He falls in love with the oldest, Jane. Bingley's friend Darcy meets Elizabeth, but Elizabeth isn't very fond of him. But he tries to stay away, because he is rich and they are middle class. And the rich are not supposed to be with the lowers classes. Process Paper:
1- Civic Engagement- what actions your students will take to better the world?

They will be reading, growing, learning and sharing. They will be some of the first to harness this technology and have the capability to share it with everyone else

2- Motivation- Slide presentation/ website- introduction to the topic/ fun facts/maps/ graphics/ cartoons/ statistics/ animations/ video clips


3- Integration- Connecting to the family/ school (librarians)/ world community about expending the topic
A) Audience as self learner- individualized instruction How this topic relates to the K12 students? Make connections

This project wil be very independent and student-oriented. Creation, exploration, book and project choice will be up to them They will be pooling resources from all over and sharing a wide variety of final rojects with each other in class as well

B) multicultural education as a national perspective

Projects will often include multi-cultural material. Using a plethora of world wide web resources will bring students close and personal to some of the leading globalizing technologies.

C) global literacy including international perspective on the chosen topic/ theme for your Curriculum (Deep Learning) Project

Peronal analysis and feedback surveys opens students' minds away from their own little world and to wducation goals at large. This will strengthen their understandings of learning and broaden their minds for future internationalizing ed.

RESPOND after your lesson presentation:
4- Reactions to Lesson Presentation and Future Considerations: How will you alter this lesson? Please respond to peer suggestion and rubric and comments by the instructor.
5- Primary and Secondary Resources: In your project, have a reference/ work cited section to list each picture, music, lesson you used or adopted in your project in APA style. Suggest to http://www.worldcat.org/or http://citationmachine.net/ Name
Expected time/ timeline to complete the project
Tentative title/ theme
Goals/ Objectives; Be as specific as possible.
Rationale : (Why you picked this topic? How will it improve your teaching/ parenting, etc?
Medium (Which form you will create your project. Livetext, website, URL address, Videotape, Burned CD, file attachment, in the mail, etc.)
Target Audience
Lesson ideas or lesson plans that you searched in this topic. For instance, provide URL links.
Teaching Strategies and Methods
Evaluation Methods: Assessment strategies: How will you assess your students outcome?
Resources/ Credits: the print material, electronic resources, websites you already found. APA style. Pride And Prejudice
Genre: Romance Idioms Predicting Outcomes Graphic Organizers
Brainstorming Pickapath
Prezi Song/Rap Poem Stand Up ToonDoo StoryBoarding Cereal Box
Project Predicting Outcomes Project: Prezi
Detail: Because this is fun to create things with, but
it also shows all the information efficiently. Idioms Project: Poem
Details: The author has alot of romance that I could make a into a poem. Graphic Organizer Project: Toondoo
Details: The details of the characters are so brief that I would like to do the Toondoo. Thing I Need to remember Running list of sources Sites to remember Prezi Toondoo Poem http://88615-app1.web.landmark-project.com/cm_work/index2.php?reqstyleid=2&newstyle=2&showBtn=yes APA Citation Generator: Summary must include your first impressions of the book and your explanation of the story. Use the back of the book for information to summarize here. 150-250 word paragraph IN YOUR OWN WORDS https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B70vppqmUqirpyxhrL8kuL6uaubq2Ev95JTjjPw1WdQ/edit?hl=en_US My Lesson Plan http://library.thinkquest.org/27692/p4pick.htm Make a Prezi Pick a book Write summary & work on Proposal Finish Proposal Start Reading book Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 http://www.ebooks3.com/ebooks/pride_and_prejudice.html My Ebook link Pride and Prejudice
By: Jane Austen Setting: Characters: Summary: Longbourne, the Bennet family home
,Pemberley's estate.
Netherfield, Mr Bingley's rented property. Important because it's what brings Bingley and Darcy to the area in the first place and allows them to meet Jane and Lizzie. Also it's here that Bingley first begins to fall for Jane Elizabeth Bennet: The second of the Bennet sisters', at 20 years old, she is intelligent, attractive, but she likes to judge on first impression Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Twenty-eight years old and unmarried, Mr Darcy is the wealthy owner of the famous family estate of Pemberley in Derbyshire and is to be worth at least ten thousand pounds a year Mr Bennet: a bookish and intelligent gentleman with a wife and five daughters. He always corrects them. He relates very well with his two eldest daughters, particularly Elizabeth, showing them much more respect than his wife and younger daughters Mrs Bennet: is the wife of her social superior Mr Bennet, and mother of Elizabeth and her sisters. Her public manners are embarrassing to Jane and Elizabeth. Her favorite daughter is the youngest, Lydia. Her main goal in life is to marry her daughters to the rich. Jane Bennet: is the eldest Bennet sister. Twenty-two years old, she is considered the most beautiful young lady in the neighborhood. Jane is close to Elizabeth. She is favored by her mother because of her beauty. Mary Bennet: is the only plain Bennet sister, and rather than join in some of the family activities, she reads. She works hard for knowledge and accomplishment. She is as silly as her two younger sisters, Kitty and Lydia, though she thinks she is very wise. Catherine "Kitty" Bennet: is the fourth Bennet sister, aged 17 Lydia Bennet is the youngest Bennet sister, aged 15.Her main activity in life is socialising, especially flirting with the officers of the militia. She dominates her older sister Kitty and is supported in the family by her mother. She cause disgrace to the family. Charles Bingley is a handsome, good-natured, and wealthy young gentleman of 22, who rents Netherfield Park near Longbourn. He is easily influenced by others. Caroline Bingley is the snobbish sister of Charles Bingley with twenty thousand pounds. Miss Bingley wants romantic intentions with Mr Darcy, is jealous of his growing attachment to Elizabeth, and is rude to her. George Wickham: has been acquainted with Mr Darcy since childhood, having been under the guardianship of Mr Darcy's father. An officer in the militia, he is charming and forms an attachment with Elizabeth Bennet. He spreads tales about the wrongs Mr Darcy has done him but eventually is found to have been the wrong person himself. He runs off with Lydia, and is paid to marry her. William Collins: age 25, is Mr Bennet's cousin. He is not a sensible man. Mr Collins is lacking in common sense. Elizabeth's rejection of Collins' marriage proposal is welcomed by her father, regardless of the financial benefit to the family. Mr Collins then marries Elizabeth's friend, Charlotte Lucas. Lady Catherine de Bourgh: who is wealthy. Her nephew, Mr Darcy, is offended by her lack of manners, especially towards Elizabeth, and later, courts her disapproval in marrying Elizabeth, in spite of her objections. Aunt and Uncle Gardiner: he is Mrs Bennet's brother and a successful businessman. Aunt Gardiner is close to her nieces Elizabeth and Jane. Jane stays with the Gardiners in London for a period, and Elizabeth travels with them to Derbyshire, where she again meets Mr Darcy. The Gardiners are quick in their attachment between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy, and judge him without prejudice. They are both actively involved in helping Mr Darcy arrange the marriage between Lydia and Mr Wickham. Georgiana Darcy: is Mr Darcy's quiet, shy younger sister, age 16. . Miss Darcy is introduced to Elizabeth at Pemberley and is later delighted at becoming her sister-in-law.
Charlotte Lucas: is Elizabeth's friend who, at 27 years old, fears becoming a burden to her family and therefore agrees to marry Mr Collins in order to gain financial security.
Elizabeth Bennet, who is a young girlthat lives in England with her four sisters, her mother, and her father. When Mr. Bingley, a handsome, rich, young bachelor, arrives to stay briefly in Hartfordshire which is where the Bennets live, Mrs. Bennet immediately tries to get one of her daughters to marry him. Bingley is a charming young man and quickly falls in love with the eldest Bennet sister, the beautiful Jane. It is a guarded relationship, so Jane and Bingley don't express their real feelings for each other, though Bingley obviously shows favor to Jane. Meanwhile, Bingley's friend Darcy meets Elizabeth. Elizabeth dislikes Mr. Darcy, and avoids him as much as possible. Though Darcy is proud and reserved at first, it becomes obvious of his fondness for Elizabeth. However, restricts his affection for her, seeing as he is rich and is from the upper-class family, But Elizabeth is from a middle-class family. Then later on she starts to see herself with him, then he asks her to be with him, so she eventually says yes.
http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/pride/ Work on toondoo read 10 chapters Work on Poem start 3rd project finish toondoo finish poem start movie finish prezi I choose this scene because I could imagine it. Mr. Darcy has asked Elizabeth to dance but she refuses to at first, then she decides to dance with him. I think I did well on this project because it was easy and all you had to do was imagine that scene you chose into a cartoon format I choose to do a poem because I'm good at writing poems. & My idioms are a whole bunch in one poem. I think I did well. I choose prezi because I can put it all on here. I think I did okay on my prezi. http://idiomsite.com Pride and Prejudice Situation 1 Situation 2 I was right. At first she didnt like him but eventually she fell in love with him I think the daughter wll leave the man alone. She ends up marrying him. So i was wrong. Elizabeth met Mr. Darcy. But she doesn't like him. I think she will end up marrying him The mother doesn't approve one of her daughters with the man she loves.
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