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Car Sharing


Kamal Ahmed

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Car Sharing

WHAT IS CAR SHARING ? Is an alternative to car ownership where individuals gain 24/7 self access to a fleet of private cars and truck on a per hour basis without the costs and responsibilities of ownership. CAR SHARING THE DEFINING FEATURES OF
CAR SHARING Fleets of neighborhood-based cars are available to members at hourly rates Pricing includes insurance, gas, and maintenance Computer-based reservation system Smart card self-service car access Trip starts and ends at dedicated parking space 1 2 3 4 5 HOW IS CAR-SHARING DIFFERENT THAN A RENTAL? CONVENIENT Automated; self-service; immediate; no lines or paperwork DECENTRALIZED Many vehicles, distributed across a region INCREMENTAL Pay-as-you-drive; by the day or by the hour PREDICTABLE Rates include everything; no “surprise” charges TRANSFORMATIVE When combined with transit for commuting, it’s a viable substitute for private vehicle ownership CAR SHARING HISTORY 1980s 1990s 2012 Car Sharing programs launched successfully in Germany and Switzerland in the mid-1980s In North America car sharing began in the mid-1990s Today, over 500,000 use Car Sharing in North America.
About 18 non-profit and for-profit operations in 30 states serving more than 20 major metropolitan markets, over 150 college campuses, and many commercial businesses CAR SHARING PROVIDES THE FOLLOWING Vehicle are available 24/7 and are conveniently parked in reserve neighborhood parking space, most within walking distance from members home, work, or public transportation. Vehicle are extremely easy to reserve on-line or by phone. It takes less than a minute to make a reservation. CONVENIENCE ACCESSIBILITY Self-service access, AFFORDABILITY Simple hourly fee includes gas, insurance, parking, cleaning and maintenance Used for short term trips Reasonable rates, suitable for short trips RELIABILITY Vehicles are usually available and have minimal mechanical failures HOW DOES CAR SHARING WORKS? HOW IT WORKS 1 2 3 4 5 6 Join Reserve the car Pickup the car Drive the car Return the car Billing Apply online or by phone Drive whenever you like Return the car to the same location where you picked it up. WHY CAR SHARE? Research shows that the average car spends 95 % of the time parked yet according to a study by AAA, it cost nearly $600 a month to own and maintain a car even for a limited number of miles driven. Fix Cost/ Variable Cost Car Ownership: Fixed Car Costs Car Sharing: Variable car costs Car sharing encourages car use only when it is the most practical and economical option ACCESS AND INDEPENDENCE Provide reliable vehicle for errands and sense of personal independence INCREASE MOBILITY Car sharing provides people who cannot own a private car the ability to use a vehicle occasionally. These benefits can be significant since non-drivers’ mobility is often so
constrained. Giving somebody who currently has no access to an automobile the ability to drive just once or twice a week is likely to serve relatively high value trips that are currently foregone or performed inefficiently by other modes. FOR EXAMPLE SAVINGS AND BENEFITS Moderate- and low-income households that join car share organization can reasonably save $500 to $1,500 per year. Some households can save on residential parking costs as well as vehicle expenses. OPTION VALUE Even people who do not currently use car sharing may benefit from having it available in case of emergencies or if their situation changes. This is called “option value.”

For this reason, people who currently own their own vehicle may value having car sharing options in their neighborhoods, just as many drivers value the existence of public transit services ENVIRONMENTAL GAINS Each car-sharing vehicle replaces four to eight private cars. Thus car-sharing reduces.
The amount of space needed for parking and help to regain space for environmental and other social uses.
The pay-as-you-drive system of car-sharing provides an incentive for people to drive less and instead use public transport, a bike or walk.
Car-sharing have a greater variety of transport options available to members to help them decide how they will travel. PRIVATE BENEFITS OF CAR-SHARING
$$$ Cost Savings $$$
Flexibility, choice of vehicles
Greater mobility
Healthier, lower stress lifestyle
$$$ Cost Savings $$$
Reduced parking demand (14 fewer spaces!)
Reduced administrative burden
Employee benefit INDIVIDUALS INSTITUTIONS MORE BENEFITS Transportation System Community and Environment 14 fewer cars! (source: TRB Report #108) Denser urban redevelopment can cut developers’ parking requirements.

Less congestion; lower emissions; cleaner air.

Members’ “Walking Around Money” helps local businesses. Increased transit ridership
More bicycling and walking
Reduced parking congestion
70% lower VMT for members
Improved mobility for formerly transit-dependent (costs less than ownership, but $9/hour discourages excessive driving) WHY IS CAR SHARING IMPORTANT? Density and parking are among the biggest challenges facing TODs

Most parking requirements are not TOD friendly

Meeting certain parking requirements encourages high vehicle ownership rates

Complying with some local & State requirements defeats the intent and purpose of smart growth

Many developers are shying away from TOD projects Travel Matters:
US Transportation and Global Emissions VEHICLE OWNERSHIP Each car sharing vehicle replaces 15.3 privately owned vehicles roughly 1 in 5 members avoids ownership of a vehicle CAR SHARING THE SOLUTION One car shared by many
Fully automated system
Technology based on Internet, wireless, and GPS
Once subscribed, reserving a vehicle is done in seconds
Car sharing organization pays for gas, insurance, maintenance, car washing….
The car is normally picked up and dropped off at a convenient location (downtown or train station) THANK YOU PRESENTATION OVERVIEW Introduction to car sharing How does the service works? Why car sharing? What are the benefits? What is car sharing important? The solution Designed by Kamal Ahmed
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