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Albert Einstein

No description

Khanh Ly

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
What has albert einstein done?
Einstein has made many contributions to the realm of Modern Physics.
Some of his work has revolutionized Physics forever. Some of his work were:
Nobel Prize Winner in Physics 1921
Courtesy of:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Einstein#mediaviewer/File:Albert_Einstein_Head.jpg
Schools Attended
To get a better sense of where he has gone to so far in his life
Life as Albert Einstein
Courtesy of:http://www.amnh.org/learn/pd/physical_science/profiles/aeinstein.html
Born in: Ulm, Germany
Date of Birth: March, 14 1879
Parents were: Hermann and Pauline Einstein
Siblings: One sister named Maja
Married to: Mileva Marić(between 1903-1919) and Elsa Löwenthal(between 1919-1936)
Children: Lieserl, Hans Albert, and Eduard
Passed Away: April, 18 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey, USA
Catholic elementary school(Munich, Germany)
Luitpold Gymnasium(Munich, Germany)
Cantonal school(Aarau, Switzerland)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology(Zurich, Switzerland)
Zurich University(Zurich, Switzerland)
He was born here
He moved here and spent around 9 years here
He then moved here to have an education to later attend...
This city to become learn to become a teacher and get his Ph.D!!!
Courtesy of: Google Maps
Courtesy of:http://scientists2.pbworks.com/f/1273525823/einstein_young.jpg
What degrees he had gotten
When studying at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School he had been learning to become a teacher in the realms of math and physics
After having difficulty of finding a job he accepted a job offer as a technical assistant in a Swiss Patent office
He later the got his doctor's degree in 1905
In 1911 Einstein had the opportunity to be a professor of Theoretical Physics in Prague, Czech Republic
After one year of being a professor in Prague, Einstein returned back to Zurich where he taught with the same position as he had in Prague
In 1914 Einstein was given the position as the Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Physical Institute
He also got the position as a professor at the University of Berlin in Germany
Einstein had decided to leave Germany due to the political issues
He then moved to America and became a professor of Theoretical Physics at Princeton University
In 1945 he had retired from teaching at Princeton University
In 1908, Albert had worked at Patent office and had attained the title as Privatdozent in Berne, Switzerland
In 1909 he had become "Professor Extraordinary" in Zurich, Switzerland
Jobs and positions Albert Einstein worked as
Courtesy of:
On Einstein's spare time he would produce most of his work
The work that he had produced during his spare time would be known as the work that would make him well known in the future
This is the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, that Einstein had attended and attained the title as "Professor Extraordinary"
Courtesy of:http://www.iau-idf.fr/fileadmin/Etudes/etude_686/66448_ETH_Zurich.jpg
Courtessy of:http://img.radio.cz/pictures/veda/einstein_housle.jpg
Courtiesy of:http://www.fu-berlin.de/en/universitaet/leitbegriffe/gruendungsgeschichte/zukunft_von_anfang_an/standort_mit_geschichte/bild_kwi_physik/kwi_physik_739.jpg?1306158525
Courtesy of: http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physics/laureates/1921/einstein_office_photo.jpg

Courtesy of: http://www.onbeing.org/sites/onbeing.org/files/migrate/programs/einsteinsethics/images/einstein-path.jpg
Here is a picture of Albert
Einstein at the Princeton University
Courtesy of: http://a57.foxnews.com/global.fbnstatic.com/static/managed/img/fb2/investing/660/371/AlbertEinsteinImage.jpg?ve=1&tl=1
Theory of relativity
The Theory of Relativity was discovered by Einstein in 1916
This theory was thought out that gravity in reality does not truly follow a straight linear pattern, it is curved in the "space-time continuum created by the existence of mass"(science.howstuffworks.com)
Courtesy of: http://i.space.com/images/i/000/021/853/i02/gravity-probe-b.jpg?1348009189
The Famous Equation
Courtesy of:http://img.wallpaperstock.net:81/e=mc2-wallpapers_35141_1600x1200.jpg
How the equation was derived
Instead of explaining it using words, this video will explain it:
Other contributions
Not only has Albert Einstein to the Physics community he was also active in the World Government Movement during World War 11
Due to his efforts to help the Jewish community he was offered a seat as the Presidency of State of Isreal, but he declined the offer
He then continued to help by establishing the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with Dr. Chaim Weizmann
He warned the US president(Franklin D. Roosevelt) that the Germans had started the possible production of an atomic bomb which eventually lead to the production of the Manhattan project,
Einstein later campaigned to ban all nuclear weapons
Photoelectric effect
The Photoelectric effect is the theory that light is made up of different types of particles called:
There are also electrons emmiting from the reflective surface in this scenario, the surface is a metal. The electrons on the surface will absorb the energy from the photon(the light being emitted).
Here is a video to help explain what this theory is
why was this important
The Photoelectric theory was important because it was something that happened essentially everywhere and had many controversies
This theory for example applies to photosynthesis plants
The Photoelectric theory received a Nobel prize in Physics in 1922
Courtesy of: http://archive.wired.com/news/images/full/nobel_f.jpg
Other accomplishments
"Nobel Prize in Physics, 1921.
Admission to German Order "Pour La Mérite," 1923.
Copley Medal, Royal Society of London, 1925.
Gold Medal, Royal Astronomical Society, London, 1925.
Max-Planck-Medal, German Physical Society, 1929.
Benjamin Franklin Medal, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, 1935." Acquired from: (http://www.shmoop.com/)
Little facts about albert einstein
To relax, Einstein would play music and listen to it
Music played a major role in Einstein's life(he played the violin)
2005 was the international year of Physics in memory of Einstein's first publication
Einstein enjoyed sailing in Zurich, Switzerland
His brain was chopped up into pieces in an unauthorized autopsy after Einstein's death(which was very morbid)
Einstein didn't like socks
He designed a refrigerator
He married his cousin (his second wife)
Albert Einstein was the most influential physicist of the 20th century and could be called the founder of Modern Physics. Although he passed away on April 18, 1955 the world still remembers Einstein as one of the most important figures in life. If it were not for Einstein many of our lives would not have been possible as he has revolutionize our lives. His efforts to promote peace will also be remembered.

Thank you Albert Einstein
Courtesy of:http://cdn.wonderfulengineering.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Einstein-Quotes-1.jpg

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Made By: Khanh Ly
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