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The Giver: Plot Summary

No description

Kari Middleton

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of The Giver: Plot Summary

Jonas lives in an orderly, controlled society where there is always peace but also no colour or real emotions
Protagonist is anxious waiting for the Ceremony of Twelve
He shares his dreams and feelings with his family at the dinner table
The Giver allows Jonas to see a Release Ceremony
Sees his father giving a lethal injection to an infant
Falling Action
Rising Action
The Giver: Plot Summary
Jonas is assigned to be the Receiver of Memory
He trains with the Giver who gives him memories
Jonas starts to notice changes in Fiona
Jonas begins to sees colour
The Giver and Jonas have similar beliefs about "release"
Jonas finds out that Gabriel is going to be released
Jonas and the Giver begin to plan Jonas' escape
Jonas takes his father's bike and runs away with Gabriel
They were cold and hungry
People from Elsewhere were waiting
Cliff hanger
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