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The Wonderful World of Softball

No description

Abrielle Stutz

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of The Wonderful World of Softball

The Wonderful
World of Softball By: Abrielle Stutz Positions! In softball, there
are nine positions
on the field. The infield positions are:
Pitcher, Catcher, 1st base,
2nd base, Short-stop, and
3rd base. There are two types of positions:
In-field and Out-field. The outfield positions are:
Right field, Center field, and
Left field. Up To Bat In every softball game,
there is a batting order. Also, every batter has
a strike zone, the area
between shoulders and
knees. If a pitch is in
your strike zone
but you don't swing
or miss, that is a strike. If the pitch is out of your strike
zone, it is called a ball. If you get 3 strikes,
you are out and your
turn at bat is over. If you get 4 balls, then you get a base, meaning you go to first. A single is when a player hits the ball and makes it only to 1st base safely. Catcher First
Base Third
Base Pitcher Second
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