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1930s germany aggression timeline

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josh lorenz

on 20 April 2014

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Transcript of 1930s germany aggression timeline

Hitlers Acts of Aggression During 1930's
1. Hitler Defies Versailles Treaty
Hitlers first act of aggression was when he defied the terms of the Versailles Treaty, Hitler ordered Germany to begin rebuilding its military shortly after he became chancellor. He also stopped all reparation payments to the allied nations. Rearming of the military began in 1933 and by 1936 Germany's military was growing stronger. I don't think this act was worth going to war over but other countries should have seen that this was coming and that Hitler was power hungry.

2. Germany invades Rhineland
Germany's second act of aggression was when they moved into the Rhineland and occupied it in 1936. The Rhineland was a demilitarized zone. Hitler gambled that other would leaders would not punish him for these actions. He was right. I think that this is when we should have gone to war. It was obvious that Hitler was crazy and would not stop until all jews were dead and he controlled the earth.

3. Hitler invades Austria
No one wanted to fight another war and that is why Hitler thought he could get away with invading another country. In 1938 he took over neighboring Austria. I think this should have been the start of the war because it was easy to see that Hitler was going to push the boundaries as far as he could.
In 1939, Czechoslovakia was invaded. Other European nations watched with concern, but no one wanted to go to war. So Hitler could basically do what he wanted because no one had tried to stop him so far. I think the allies should have gone to war and stood up against the bully. They should have showed that Hitler couldn't just do what he wanted.

4. Hitler invades Czechoslovakia

Hitler sign non aggression act with Stalin
Hitler and Stalin signed a nonaggression pact. First, neither nation would attack the other. Second, both nations would invade Poland from opposite sides and divide it between them. Stalin wanted territory that had been under Russian control before World War I. Hitler wanted to recover a stretch of formerly German territory known as the Danzig Corridor. Danzig was an important port city on the Baltic. Hitler intended to take over the corridor and the port. Also the invasion of Poland would also allow the German army direct overland access to the Soviet Union, which Stalin apparently had not considered. The allies should have gone to war long ago. They should have seen that Hitler was planning a war. But they were too scared to stand up to the bully.

Invasion of Poland
Britain and France agreed that Germany could not be permitted to upset the balance of power by taking over all of Eastern Europe and had formally guaranteed Poland’s sovereignty. Hitler’s closest advisors, knew of the agreement and tried to persuade him not to start a war against the Allies by invading Poland. Hitler didn't listen. Britain and France declared war on Germany immediately after the German invasion of Poland.

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