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Theatre Island

an international platform for performing arts

owen beuchet

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Theatre Island

Theatre Island's 7 pillars :
ASSEMBLY - learning, contemplation and wonder for all
ASSISTANCE - assistance and advice at all levels
ASTEROID - international theatre festival
BATTERY - incubator for Danish performing arts
BUS - bringing audience and artists together
DOCK - open stage for Denmark's regional and metropolitan theatres
PORT - international activities and perspective
Theatre Island is an open space to:
create innovative performing arts
invent relations with all kind of audience
develop international networks
support regional theatre and young companies
What is Theatre Island?
ASSEMBLY - learning, contemplation and wonder for all
conferences, symposia, analogue and digital meetings
philosophical think-tanks, retreats
artist talks
lunch-meeting open to everybody involved on the site
ASSISTANCE - assistance and advice at all levels
Production: conception of scenography and technique help, storage, administration;
Communications: PR, graphic design, audience building;
Advice: development perspectives, regional and international tour and cooperation, artistic processes.
ASTEROID - International Theatre Festival aims at:
showing every August to Copenhagen's inhabitants and tourists international street theatre, new circus, mime and unclassifiable performances of high quality;
inviting in its unique site audience of all age to a celebration of theatre through performances, artist talks, food and parties;
becoming an essential gateway for performing arts between South Europe and Scandinavia.
an international platform for performing arts
Theatre Island
Theatre Island is a large
and completely unique geographical area
at the entrance to Copenhagen harbour,extending between old bunkers covered with ivy and disused shipyards, green wasteland and old industrial halls,
huge windmills and picturesque houseboats.
Theatre Island already comprises several
theatre and rehearsal rooms of various sizes,
as well as versatile and innovative
production facilities indoor
and outdoor.
BUS - an alternative way to involve audience
a communication beyond geographical, social and mental boundaries.
from traditional marketing to holistic approach of audience and the performing arts' role in Society.
co-creative processes with the audience.
BATTERY - incubator for the Danish performing arts scene
Theatre Island will support young Danish performing arts companies by offering at lower rate:
rehearsal spaces
meeting rooms
shared office
workshop and public presentation facilities
administrative and tour support
DOCK - Copenhagen's open stage
Theatre Island will be an open stage for the Danish regional theatres and smaller metropolitan theatres outside Copenhagen and offer:
stage and rehearsal spaces
shared office
workshop and meeting facilities
administrative and tour support
PORT - a gateway and a haven for international performing arts
cooperation with developing countries,
major European co-productions,
production & guest performers,
international theatre workshops, lectures and consulting,
visit programs for theatre and festival managers,
internships for young theatre people and producers.
Jens Svane Boutrup (manager of Bornholm Theatre, board member at Danish Union of Small Theatres)
Pia Buchardt (Aarhus Cultural Capital 2017)
Martin Elung (rector of SUC - Performing Arts Development Center)
Klaus Hansen (chef for Producentforeningen)
Christian Have (owner of Have Communications)
Thomas Howalt (playwright, theatre director and producer)
Susanne Larsen (Bestyrelsesformand/ medlem, Præsident for Røde Kors)

Peter Kirk (stage director, actor, play-wright and founder and director of Asterions Hus)
Maj-Britt Mathiessen.
Theatre Island dares:
for the other and devote itself for the collective project.
where audience and performers meet each other.
with insatiable appetite for the unknown.
the development of

Take Responsability
Create a special and vulnerable space
Be in perpetual motion
surprising and meaningful art
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