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Kristi Meyer

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Around the World with Art Integration
Location 2
Memorizing the seven continents through song!
Location 3
Researching the seven continents:
Students will be partnered up and they will research a continent. The following are pages from the packet they will be given to help in their research process.
Students will then create a skit to present their findings. One student will play a news reporter and the other student will portray a citizen of the continent they researched. Students will present their research in a fun and creative way!
Final Destination
Watercolor Painting:
Students will look at various watercolor pieces of art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to help brainstorm. Each student will pick either a landform they learned about during the continent unit or an animal in its natural habitat and create a watercolor painting.
Location 1

Art Standard: 3.1.2
Know the difference between visual art structures and functions.

Social Studies Standard: 3.5.2
Identify the seven continents, four oceans and major nations of the
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