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Ricky Megee

No description

William Mecklenburgh

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of Ricky Megee

Youtube Interview
Ricky Megee Survived 71 days in the Tanami Desert eating anything he could small things like insects, snakes, etc to survive. He wandered around for 10 days before finding somewhere to set up, next to a dam with flowing water where he stayed for the remaining 61 days before being rescued by a farmer named Mark Clifford's. While Ricky was
Lost he would trap himself in his hut, so that dingoes wouldn't eat
him and so people could
find him.
How He Suvived
On the 23rd of January Ricky Megee was driving along the Buntine Highway to get to his new job when he picked up a hitchhiker.
Nothing much is known about what happen after but police suspect that the hitchhiker drugged Ricky, due to the last thing he remembers is passing out and waking up in plastic with dingoes scratching around him.
What Happened
Ricky Megee was born in Queensland, Australia. At the time of his survival he was only 35 and weighed just 104 KG
Who is Ricky Megee?
Ricky Megee Survival Story
Where Ricky Slept
When Ricky Returned
When he returned he only weighed
47 Kilograms compared to the 104 Kilos he used to weigh.
Ricky also wrote a book named "LEFT for DEAD"

Before and After
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