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Rocks & Minerals

by Layla, Wesley, Lemuela & Fatema

Layla Magzoub

on 23 March 2016

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Transcript of Rocks & Minerals

Rocks & Minerals
What are rocks and minerals?
Rocks are solids that are made out of different kinds of minerals. There are 3 types of rock: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.

Minerals are substance that are formed from earth.
How are rocks used in everyday life and the environment?

People mine rocks and minerals and turn them into useful things. Examples: graphite is used to make pencils, slate is used to make blackboards, limestone is used to make chalk and more.

Lots of things in the environment are made out of rocks and they are for habitats. Examples: mountains, soil and The Grand Canyon and more.

Alternatives for rock and minerals
Many of the things that are made out of rock can have an alternatives which can be used instead of the rock.
How are minerals used in the environment and everyday life?
We use minerals in a lot of ways. Examples: jewelry is made from rubies, diamonds, gold, emeralds much more, we use water for drinking, bathing and washing, iron ore is made into steel for cars, jets, subways and more.
Lots of things are made of minerals in the environment. Examples: water for animals to drink, soil for plants, rocks are also made of different minerals.

Minerals Removal Process
Minerals that can be recycled and reused.
There are many types of minerals but 4 of them can be recycled gold, lead, aluminum and iron can be recycled.
Minerals are a finite resources which means there is limits. Minerals are a natural resource we humans don't make minerals.
What happens to products made up from minerals when there not needed?
Today we are going to talk about rocks and minerals. You will learn what they are. Then how minerals are used in the environment and everyday life. After that which ones can be recycled and reused and how we can recycle product made from rocks and minerals we no longer use. Fourthly you will learn the removal process of both rocks and minerals also the positive and negative affects. Last of all, what are some different materials we can use instead of rocks and minerals.

By: Layla, Fatema, Wesley and Lemuela
There are 2 main kinds of ways to remove minerals. The first one is called surface mining. Surface mining is used when a mineral is near the surface. People create a huge open pit and scrape away anything that isn't ore. That earth is called overburden that is piled into spoil banks. If the ore is found in a wide but short in height area, strip mining is used. Strip mining is when they create long narrow strips. When they are finished, they would pile it up and it'll look like a washing board.Subsurface mining is used when the mineral is buried very deep under ground. Explosives are used to loosen up the ground so the miners can get the mineral. The mineral is then taken in carts to the surface. Another way is solution mining. solution mining is when they inject hot water into the minerals to dissolve it. Long wall mining is when coal and minerals are sheared from the wall and collected on a conveyer belt.
Negative and positive effects on the environment
The negative effects are that when they use strip mining,they could destroy vegetation by turning over the earth. Rainfall will turn into toxic chemicals that will poison the plants and eventually die. Sometimes mining can help the environment by disposing areas that have lots of soil erosion. It might also take some of the bad soil away so that plants can grow healthy.
Product made from minerals such as computers & cellphones are not needed at some point.
In Japan they extract the minerals from the product and reuse them in a different product.

Rock removal process
aluminum =
For example they can extract the mineral aluminum from the computers and use it to make bike frame,ladders,pots,gates and more
First people make a huge hole into the ground and then make tunnels. They then would use dynamite to loosen up the rock. They loosen the rock so then it would be easier to get the rock. If the rock is too big they might break it with a pickaxe or use a machine to cut the rocks. They then would use a cart and send it up to the surface. They would also use a machine to shear the rock from the wall that is then collected on a conveyor belt.

Water is used for hydrating the body alternative juice

slate used as a chalk board alternative steel covered with paint.

soapstone for sculptures alternative clay
green solutionmag.com
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