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Multimedia in the Classroom

No description

Kylee Landrum

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Multimedia in the Classroom

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr Multimedia in the Classroom By: Kylee Landrum What is Multimedia?
Multimedia is the use of multiple different media sources. This includes (but not limited to):
Interactivity Video The Evolution of Technology in the Classroom 21st century learners are digital natives in which they are ready to utilize technology to challenge themselves and reach high standards. Conclusion Research Multimedia helps students process more information in their long term memory because it uses both audio and visual learning.

The long term memory uses a schema to organize information. 21st century learners have a better schema with technology because they are known as "digital natives".

Using multimedia in the classroom can enhance learning, raise level of interest, and increase retaining of information. Impact on the Students Technology Available for Staff References http://learningtechnology.wikispaces.com/What+is+Multimedia



http://tojet.net/articles/v6i4/643.pdf Learning becomes students-centered.

Visual and audio increase student engagement.

Easier way to inform students of objectives.

Real-time assessments are easy to create.

Students can present information in different ways.

It can provide students with guidance.

It elicits the performance.

Teachers can provide quick feedback.

Improves retention and transfer from retaining information. Multimedia Tools in the Classroom Multimedia integration in the classroom includes the knowledge of content, the understanding of different processes, the creation and evaluation of material, and the ability to analyze information while utilizing technology.

When technology is used accurately, higher-order thinking comes into play. Note* Tutorial programs online such as Khan Academy, Discovery Education, Brain Pop Online software such as Prezi, Google Apps, Edmodo Online software that is free for teachers to create lessons and enrich learning. Microsoft Office tools such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook
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