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Branding_Chs 5 & 6


Mike Breazeale

on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of Branding_Chs 5 & 6

Strategic Brand Management
Brand Personality
The set of human characteristics associated with a brand
What functions does a
brand personality serve?
1.) Represents and communicates functional benefits
How do you express a brand's personality?
A charismatic CEO
Always a core element?
Advantages of a Strong, Authentic
Brand Personality
Brand Personality Dimensions
Dr. Mike Breazeale
Chapters 5 and 6

2.) Provides energy
3.) Defines a brand relationship
4.) Guides brand-building programs
5.) Helps understand the customer
6.) Softens another association
An advertising campaign
A sponsorship
A customer interaction style
A brand's employees
A spokesperson, voice, or character
Any visual brand elements
Adds to the visibility of the brand
Increases loyalty
VERY difficult to copy
7 Most Meaningful Values for the Organizational Brand
Richard Karlgaard, Publisher of
"Purpose-driven companies have a huge advantage.
Customers and employees are hungry for purpose."
Perceived quality
Concern for customers
Success / Size
Going local
Environmental programs
Social programs
Process Innovators
Wednesday, September 9
Be here.
Ask good questions.
Make us look good!
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